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skill is a console variable available in all Source Source games. A console variable that contains the combat difficulty level. The combat difficulty level affects many things in-game: The damage dealt to the player, the damage dealt to monsters, the amount of ammunition provided by ammo entities, and certain events can be set to trigger only at certain difficulty levels.

skill 0
Easy combat difficulty. (Same as skill 1.)
skill 1
Easy combat difficulty. "Enemies are easy to defeat, and the computer helps you aim." Overall about half as difficult as normal combat difficulty. (This is default(??).)
skill 2
Normal combat difficulty. "Challenging enemies; your weapons do normal damage."
skill 3
Hard combat difficulty. "Enemies are very tough; your weapons are less effective." Overall about twice as difficult as normal combat difficulty.
Note.pngNote:You can use console variables to change normal difficulty health and normal difficulty damage for individual NPCs.