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SiN Episodes: Emergence will feature roughly half a dozen weapons, with more being introduced in future episodes. Apart from the Magnum pistol, all of the weapons are new to the SiN universe. Each of the weapons is designed with a specific purpose on mind, so they will remain useful even in the later stages of the game. Additionally, each weapon also features a melee attack for when things get up close and personal.

Magnum Pistol

Weapon magnum.png

Undoubtedly SiN's signature weapon, a slightly updated version of the Magnum pistol returns in SiN Episodes. The Magnum packs quite a punch and is extremely accurate, so it is the preferred tool for taking out enemies at longer ranges. The alternate fire mode of the Magnum launches a deadly shell of depleted uranium, which can penetrate lighter materials such as wood and harm enemies behind them.

The .44 Magnum is Blade’s signature weapon; its most noticeable feature being the large extension added to the barrel-end of the gun. Unlike traditional handgun designs, the ammo clip is inserted into this front part and can shoot “depleted uranium shells” as well as standard bullets. These shells are capable of penetrating almost any surface. As you would expect from a pistol that has more in common with a hammer than anything else, the Magnum is also surprisingly useful for hitting people over the head with.

Assault Rifle

Weapon assault rifle.png

The assault rifle offers a high rate of fire, making it perfect for room clearing and panic situations. Its scope enables the user to take out enemies from afar, though it is not as accurate as the Magnum. The rifle also features a mounted grenade launcher, displacing 40mm grenades that explode on impact. Of all the known weapons in Sin Episodes, the assault rifle has the highest rate of fire, although this causes a lot of recoil meaning the weapon is fairly inaccurate when compared with Blade’s sturdy Magnum.

The overall design of the weapon is very similar to that of modern day rifles; the ammo clip fits snugly in front of the trigger and the gun even features a mounted scope for long range shots. Hell, it even has a grenade launcher underneath the grip, just in case you feel the need to blow stuff up.


Weapon scattergun.png

The Scattergun is a high-powered shotgun ideally suited for close combat. It displaces several pellets with a large spread, making it extremely powerful close-up, but virtually useless at even medium range. The weapon's secondary fire mode launches a number of shrapnels that will ricochet off surfaces and can be arced around corners. As implied by the title, this advanced shotgun fires a hail of bullets which “scatter” as they fly forwards (a bit like a normal shotgun then).

During the game, scatterguns are most likely to come in useful when facing large mutants, because the majority of mutagen addicted freaks you’ll encounter in Sin Episodes like to get up close and personal, and what better way to greet them than with a nice spray of lead? Naturally, the weapon is practically useless against anything far off, so it’s best to save the scattergun for close encounters.

Incendiary Grenades

Weapon grenade.png

Incendiary Grenades can be thrown off-hand while wielding another weapon, making them a useful tactical addition to the arsenal. They explode instantly upon hitting an enemy entity, or after three seconds without contact. These grenades are named “incendiary” for a reason; they’ll set anything in their blast radius on fire, including enemies, making them extremely lethal. Because Incendiary Grenades are so light, it’s possible for Blade to throw one with his free hand, even while shooting, which encourages interesting fire-fights.