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SiN Episodes Level Creation

Read this section to find out more about the organisations operating in Freeport City.

Arch 13

ARCH-13 - logo unknown

Whispered in the shadows, the true purpose of Arch-13 remains a mystery, its very existence barely a glimmer in the public consciousness. Hints point to a reach of global proportions, and rumors touch on plans for everything from global domination to simple insider trading. The few verifiable clues that have emerged indicate a growing turmoil within the organization.


HardCORPS logo

One of the last truly independent privatized SecForces in Freeport City and led by Colonel John R. Blade, HardCORPS has a solid reputation of fair-minded enforcement. While not as well equipped as some of the other SecForces, HardCORPS personnel and determination have kept them in business. However, despite a loyal client base, HardCORPS is falling apart. Unrelenting media attacks by SinTEK have successfully eroded their once stellar reputation, leaving them to struggle in a market slowly being dominated by rival, corporate-sponsored SecForces.

SinTEK Industries

SinTEK logo

One of the most terrifyingly powerful companies on Earth, SinTEK is involved in everything from Genetic Research to Weapon Development. SinTEK is continually on the forefront of emerging scientific frontiers and at the cutting edge of emerging technology. Insinuating itself with the rich and powerful, SinTEK offers its own SecForce that caters to the particular needs of the elite. With nearly unlimited political and economic power, SinTEK stands as the corporate leader of the world.

The Cartel

U4 use is once again on the rise. The thriving drug trade has given birth to a new layer of organized crime. Viktor Radek, a mysterious and ambitious drug lord, has risen to the top. Rumors put him in league with Elexis Sinclaire, but those that really know Viktor Radek know he’s out only for himself. His cartel, manned by a small but well armed mercenary army, keep his business dealings running smooth. The Cartel is tolerated by most SecForces because they keep overall crime rates down. Also, with Radek’s extensive financing, only the most well equipped SecForces could risk an open war.