Sin Episodes Making Jessica Drive

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SiN Episodes Level Creation

The Basics

To make Jessica drive a vehicle, you must first make a rough layout of the area that Jessica is going to drive in. Once you create the area, create: prop_sin_car, info_player_start, trigger_once, weapon_assault_rifle, path_corner and npc_jessica entities. place them at the start of your "track". Place the trigger_once and weapon_assault_rifle entities inside or below the info_player_start entity. Name the entities you just created. In this tutorial the prop_sin_car entity will be called "car", the path_corner entity will be called "start" the trigger_once entity will be called "getin" and the npc_jessica entity will be called "jess". under Jessicas properties change the following keyvalues:

Target Vehicle: car
Target Vehicle Path Corner: start

Making the path

To make the path that Jessica is going to drive you need to create path_corner entities every time you want jessica to change direction. To create a basic path for Jessica to drive you need to enter these properties into our path_corner entity we created earlier. change "next stop target" to "path_01". Create a path_corner entity where your first curve is and name it "path_01" you should see a line connecting "start" and "path_01". now create more path_corner entites and connect them like we did before where you want jessica to turn. See the image for an example of what an area should look like when its path is complete.

Input & Outputs

Now its the final step for making our track is making sure Jessica knows where the car is and when to start driving it. Lets start with the trigger_once. Enter these properties into an output for the trigger_once:

My Output Target Entity Target Input Parameter Delay Only Once
Io11.png OnTrigger Jess EnterVehicle 0 0.00 No

what this says is that when this is triggered the game will tell Jessica to enter the vehicle as a driver without waiting. Use the following outputs on the prop_vehicle_sin entity:

My Output Target Entity Target Input Parameter Delay Only Once
Io11.png PlayerOn Jess DriverStartDriving <none> 0.00 No