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For simplicity's sake, the bullet penetration system in Sin Episodes works in the same way as in Counter-Strike: Source. For example, the Magnum primary fire has a penetration value of 64. Tile has a value of 2. This means that the Magnum shot can fire through up to 32 inches of tile. (64 / 2 = 32)

Actual penetration = (Penetration value / Density value)

Value Tables

The current density values for different materials:
Material Density
Metal 64
Dirt 32
Concrete 16
Grate 2.0
Tile 2.0
Vent 1.5
Computer 1.5
Wood 1.0
Penetration values for each gun (in Hammer inches):
Weapon Penetration
Magnum (Primary Fire) 64
Magnum-DUAG (Secondary Fire) 500
Scattergun (Primary Fire) 24
Scattergun (Secondary Fire) 0*
Assault Rifle (Primary Fire) 32
Assault Rifle Grenade (Secondary Fire) 0*
Hand Grenade 0*
Note.png Note: * A value of 0 means the bullets do not penetrate any type of material. These values were verified with a simple test map.
Note.png Note: Even though the npc_druglab_grunt_pistol weapon does not appear to be a magnum, it is considered a magnum for the sake of penetration.

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