Sin Episodes Level Creation/Using Jetpack Grunts in your maps

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SiN Episodes Level Creation


  • It is not recommended that you put jetpack grunts in your arena mode maps for cosmetic reasons.
  • Due to the way that demo recording is handled in the game, jetpack grunts can T-pose for several seconds during gameplay on low-end machines.
  • While we do not believe that this will be an issue for many maps, please be aware that this can occur and make your decision appropriately.


  • 1. Add in an npc_druglab_jetpack entity to your map. This is going to be the guy flying around.
  • 2. The easiest way to handle this is to add several path_track entities to your map, and link them using the Next Stop Target keyvalue. It is also recommended that you set a decent Path radius keyvalue so that the jetpack guys know how close they have to stay to the path. Make sure you name all of your path_track entities.
  • 3. Move the jetpack grunt so that he is close to the first path_track entity.
  • 4. Set the Target Path Corner keyvalue on the grunt to the name of the first path_track entity.