Sin Episodes Level Creation/Making Sure Your Level Works in German

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SiN Episodes Level Creation

Making Sure Your Level Works in German

When SiN Episodes released in Germany, a few changes had to be made in order for the game to meet the standards of the USK ratings system. Some of these changes can affect how your level appears to users of the USK-rated version. To ensure that your level will work correctly for the USK-rated version of the game, please consider these options.

Option 1: Low Compatibility

  • Do nothing.
  • The game automatically replaces restricted models with white metal cubes.

Option 2: High Compatibility

  • Don't use restricted content.
  • A reliable way to make sure that your level will appear the same for both versions is to simply not use content that is different between them.

Option 3: Complete Compatibility

  • Use OnViolence* to dynamically modify the level.
  • The OnViolenceLow output in the logic_auto entity will enable you to trigger events when the level is run by the USK-rated version of the game.
  • The OnViolenceHigh output does the same for the non-USK release.
  • On the logic_auto entity, make sure you uncheck Remove on fire on the Flags tab, and make sure that each output is not set to Fire once only.