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SiN Episodes Level Creation

This page contains links to interviews of primarily the developers of Sin Episodes from 2005-2006 at around the pre-release stage of the game, done by some of the members at and


  • Voice Cast Interview by SpaecKow & badman (2006-05-03)
    We chat with several members of the SiN Episodes voice cast about their work on the game and the characters they play.

  • SiN Episodes Gameplay by (2006-03-02)
    Goes more into detail on some of the finer gameplay elements, such as the mutagen and boss fights.

  • SiN Episodes Fan Interview by Forum Members (2005-11-30)
    Find out more about SiN Episodes in this interview put together by our forum community.

  • SiN Episodes Ritual Interview by Chris_D (2005-08-08)
    General questions to some of the development team related to the upcoming release of Sin Episodes.

  • SiN Episodes Interview by SpaecKow (2005-08-01)
    Chat with Ritual Entertainment about SiN Episodes, the long-awaited follow-up to SiN.