Setting up an Output

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Creating an Output

Hammer's "Object Properties" dialog

Double click on the entity which you want to broadcast the out from
and then navigate over to the Outputs tab.
Once on the Outputs tab, click on the "add" button; all of the options
which were previously greyed out should now be editable.

Changing the parameters

The parameters come the shape of "drop-downs" boxes
and "Check boxes", here is a table explaining what each
parameter dose.

Parameter Definition
My Output Named This is the condition

that must be met
for the for the Output to be fired.

Target Entities Named Where you enter the name of the entities or entity

which will be affected.

Via This Input The thing that will be changed through this output.
Parameter Override Some extra data that the Output may require to function.
Delay This Input How long after the condition is met that

the Output will be fired.

Fire Only Once If the box it ticked, this Output will only be fired once.

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