Sector C Test Labs & Control Facilities

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The Sector C Test Labs & Control Facilities is the primary base for the anti-mass spectrometer used for testing known and unknown samples from varying environments. Sector C is nick-named 'Anomalous Materials' because of its nature. Sector C deals with, as Anomalous implies, deviating from the normal or common order, form, or rule: studying a highly purified alien sample from another dimension would fit well into this class. This is a low-medium security area with a large amount of scientific focus on the anti-mass spectrometer with a few varying laboratories and offices scattered throughout.


The architecture of the Sector C Test Labs & Control Facilities are very similar to the that of the remaining Black Mesa Research Facility. Yet, Sector C contains a massive amount of computers and various devices compared to some other parts of the facility. The reason for this must be that the studies of materials brought there from Xen and elsewhere requires a broad arsenal of technology.


The Sector C test labs were just that: test labs. The environment was enclosing and full of high-end super computers. The theme of the area was that of a concrete shell enclosing some of the greatest electronic equipment in the entire facility.

Built in the 1960s, this area was probably used for something entirely different originally. It could have been control facilities, maintenance bays or even machine storage. As Black Mesa Research Facility was once a cold-war, first-strike missile complex the area was designed and constructed with that very purpose in mind. The construction is primarily concrete with metal rebar and metal support structures varying throughout the sector. The elevator shafts are simple, few moving parts and connected intricately to the walls to stabilize it in the event of earthquake or a nuclear blast.


There were several NPCs present in Sector C, the most central of which was the scientist. The scientists were the lab personnel; they conducted tests and were in charge of running the labs. Another of the NPCs present was Barney, the security guard, who was assigned the task of a 'help-desk' among his security duties. Barney also assisted the scientists with technical issues around the facility from broken elevators to computer control equipment (as seen in Half-Life: Blue Shift).

Other NPCs include the Gman and, post-disaster, the headcrab, Vortigaunt, and the zombie.


Map featured in Sector C Lobby