Sawmill (TF2 design theme)

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This article will go through the design theme used in Team Fortress 2 map koth_sawmill



This theme is mostly only an exterior theme. Buildings tend to be open rather than being full interior. The settings used are wood workshops and wood storages in the middle of a forest.


Outside, the ground is most likely grass or dirt. The texture that is used for this is nature/blendgroundtograss008

The buildings are made out of wood or metal, with a wood or metal roof. Textures that are used are:

1. wood/grain_elevator_silo_10b for buildings around the blue spawn room

2. metal/wall025 for the roofs of these buildings

3. wood/grain_elevator_facade_14c for some other buildings

4. metal/wall027b for the roofs of these buildings

5 wood/wood_wall002 for the main control point room (uses the metal/wall025 texture for the roof)

The spawnrooms use the textures: concrete/concretewall011c and concrete/concretewall011b


Most models are found in the props_forest and prop_foliage folders including pine trees, logs, saw blades, barrels, planks etc.


Name Description and Notes
env_rain_001 Rain particles found in Sawmill.
env_rain_002_256 Alternative rain particles.
env_rain_ripples Ripple effect for water found in Sawmill.
waterfall_bottommist Waterfall particles.
waterfall_bottomsplash Waterfall particles.
waterfall_bottomwaves Waterfall particles.
waterfall_mist Waterfall particles.
waterfall_rocksplash Waterfall particles.
waterfall_rocksplash_2 Waterfall particles.
waterfall_sides Waterfall particles.
water_objectwake Ripple effect for water.