The translation manipulator

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The translation manipulator

To adjust an object's location, click the translation manipulator button (SFM icon Translate.png) in the lower-left corner of the viewport. You can drag the arrows that appear at the axes of the selected object, drag the circles to move the object along a specific plane, or drag the blue square at the center of the arrows to move the object in screen space.

When you're dragging the blue square in the middle, you can also use one of three modifiers. Holding down Shift while you drag moves the object along the world's surfaces. Holding down Ctrl while you drag snaps the object to nearby joint controls. Holding down Alt while you drag moves the object closer or farther away.

Tip.png Tip: If you want to align the translation arrows to the world instead of the object, hold down Shift when you click the translation manipulator button. You can also align the translation arrows to the world by pressing Shift+W while using the translation manipulator.

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