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Once you have a model or sound in the proper directory, publishing to the workshop is easy. Just click Sharing -> Workshop -> Publish Models To Steam (or Publish Sounds To Steam) in the File menu, and fill out the dialog that appears. It will ask you for the files you’d like to publish as part of your new workshop item, a preview image to show on the workshop page, as well as the title and description of the item and some categories that will set tags for users to search for your item. Note that multiple related models and sounds can (and often should) be part of a single item. For example, other SFM users would generally prefer to download a set of Scout lines, rather than downloading each line one at a time. Similarly for models, SFM users would be much happier downloading a set of woodworking tools than downloading a hammer, saw, screwdriver, etc separately. Any dependent files will automatically be uploaded as part of your submission. For models, this means vvd’s, vtx’s, materials, textures, and (optionally) any preset (.pre) files. The list of primary files (but not the dependent files) will be automatically added to the end of the description for this item.