Navigating with the camera

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You can navigate with the camera in one of two ways: with WASD controls, or with Alt controls.

Note.png Note: Once you start a navigation movement with WASD controls, you can't continue the movement with Alt controls, and vice versa.

WASD controls

To navigate around your map, manipulate the camera by holding down the left mouse button and doing the following:

Command Shortcut
Rotate the camera Drag
Forward Press W
Back Press S
Left Press A
Right Press D
Up Press Z
Down Press X
Roll Hold down R and drag
Zoom in and out Rotate the mouse wheel
Speed up Move and tap or hold Shift
Slow down Move and hold Ctrl
Note.png Note: You can combine these movements to fly around your map.

Alt controls

Release the left mouse button to perform these actions:

Command Shortcut
Orbit Press Alt and drag
Pan Press Alt and drag with the middle mouse button
Dolly in and out Press Alt and drag with the right mouse button
Zoom in and out Rotate the mouse wheel
Tip.png Tip: To get the best results with your movie-making, it's a good idea to take some time to play around with manipulating the camera in the viewport until you've mastered it.

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