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We appreciate all the bug reports you send us. When you write a bug report, please bear in mind that someone has to read it, figure out the problem, and then, if possible, fix the bug. The more information we have, and the clearer that nformation is, the better chance there is that we can take action to fix the problem.

When filing a bug, we ask that you follow these guidelines:

  • Please email all bug reports to [email protected], and not to our private email addresses.
  • One bug per email.
  • A clear subject line that both describes where the bug occurs and contains a summary. For example, "Clip Editor: cannot replace gap with a shot."
  • A list of steps to reproduce the bug. For example, "Create three shots, delete the middle one and replace with a gap, right-mouse click in the gap. This shows the context menu for Film Track instead of for Gap, so the gap cannot be replaced. Seems to occur when the sequence does not start at 0.0."
  • Expected versus observed results. For example, "Expected: context menu for a Gap. Observed: context menu for a Track."
  • A list including your operating system, your graphics card, and the version of the SFM. For example, "Windows 7 Professional, NVIDIA GTX 580, SFM"
  • If applicable, attach screen shots of the bug or the .dmx file that shows the bug.

Unfortunately, because we have limited time and resources, we can't answer your emails to [email protected], and we can't notify you when your particular bug is fixed. Be assured that we read every bug report that follows the preceding guidelines, and that we do appreciate every bug report we get.

If you have a suggestion or a feature request, you can post it in the SFM forums .We are always grateful for feature requests and suggestions, but please be aware that we might not implement them.

About crashes: When they happen, the system usually writes a "crash report" to the hard disk, in the same folder as sfm.exe. These crash reports get submitted automatically through steam to our system. There is no need to send these files manually.

Thank you so much for your understanding and your help,

The SFM Team

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