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Changelist for current Source SDK Beta.

Current Known Issues

  • Cannot create shortcuts to Hammer, Faceposer, and Model Viewer.
  • Linux makefiles shipped with the SDK are incomplete and will be updated in the next release.
  • The Particle Editor is not presently included in the Source SDK.
  • Updated SDK shaders are not presently included in the Source SDK.

Update Jan 24th, 2008


SDK Launcher

  • There is now a drop list that allows the user to switch between engine versions. No need to specify engine version as a launch option.

SDK source code

  • Modders can now create single player and multi-player mods based in the HL2:Episode Two source code when the engine version is set to The Orange Box.
  • It is still possible to create mods based on HL2:Episode One using the legacy version of the Source Engine.


  • New menu option allows the user to build a scenes.image file. This allows users to add custom scenes to Orange Box games.


  • Two new lighting preview modes are available.
Note.pngNote:3D Ray-traced Lighting Preview can cause Hammer to run slowly for complicated maps.

Bug fixes


  • Fixed crashes that began as a result of a Source Engine update the week of 1/7.
  • Hammer lighting preview renders some scenes completely dark.

SDK Launcher

  • The %VProject% env var is again being dynamically set when you change the current mod in the SDK launcher.

Content Creation Utilities

  • There is no longer a need to add -nop4 to the command lines of studiomdl and vtex.

SDK source code

  • Client and server DLLs are now being copied to mod's 'bin' directory after build.
  • Create Mod Wizard now adds App IDs 420 (HL2:Ep2) and 440 (TF2) to the mod's gameinfo.txt for SP and MP mods respectively.

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