Return to Mana: Legacy of the eight Elements

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This mod for Source is unrecognised status!.

Return to Mana: Legacy of the Eight Elements is a total conversion of Valve Software's first-person shooter Half-Life 2.

The first episode is planned for release in 2011.


43 years ago war ravaged the world. From the east came the Empire, wielding ancient technology they invaded our Kingdom and we were powerless to stop them. One by one the kingdoms of humanity fell before the storm. When all seemed lost 3 heroes were able to confront the might of the empire. Using the powers of Mana, the worlds most ancient magic, the empire was destroyed but at a terrible price.

Mana faded from the world. Without it the foundation of our society was shaken to the core but the surviving kingdoms adjusted to a world without Mana and began the long road of reconstruction.

Now the peace that has reigned for 43 years is disappearing, reports from the east speak of the empire rebuilding, once again monsters roam the forest. As the clouds of war begin to drift into our Kingdom, another hero must emerge.

The time for peace is over, for now is the time for the Return to Mana.


  • Co-operative gameplay for up to 3 players
  • Over 70 locations to be freely explored


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