Ravenholm's Own

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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.

Story Overview

DinCahill's XM8 model for Ravenholm's Own
AliaSLesS' player model concept for Ravenholm's Own

'Ravenholm's Own' is a 3rd party mod for HL2. The story revolves around the player, Johnny Anderson. Johnny was on a mission with a squad to clear out Ravenholm when the squad were ambushed. The player has been infected with a headcrab poison. The player must find the squads medic to heal himself before the poison fully takes over. You play like a schizophrenic, with Johnny Anderson, the resistance member, on one hand and the headcrab on the other. You encounter some situations where sometimes your biggest enemy is not the zombies. Expect some extremely interesting, untried gameplay.

Mod Features

  • Brand new in-depth storyline
  • New weapons
  • Custom models and a Custom player model
  • Excellent mapping
  • A 25+ minute storyline with 3 chapters


This mod started out as a single 'Scare Map' just designed to scare people a little (Like the opening maps of Missing information mod) but then it evolved. Pyronite created a storyline and so this was too big for a single map. When we finally worked out how big this was going to be, it needed to be a mod in its own right. We setup the mod website and got to work on adding it to moddb. We have had a few problems with sorting the team and getting the new weapons done, but DinCahill has taken up that challenge in creating a stunning XM8 model that is pictured right.


  • Story created by: Oli 'Pyronite' Bates and James 'Superblade' Restall
  • Mapping by: Matt 'MattyW' Wehrle and Ross 'AliaSLesS' Hardy
  • Modeling by: Din 'DinCahill' Cahill
  • Coding: Ed 'Rabidzombie' Shaw and Matt 'MattyW' Wehrle
  • Animating: 'Cat'
  • Public Relations: James 'Superblade' Restall & 'Curbspaget'