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This mod for Goldsource is no longer being developed. Download its last release here.

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Project Timeless is a 3D-Shooter, which is conceived for the multi-player mode exclusively. It takes place in the year 2047. Two teams fight against each other: The United Defense Forces (a global military organization) and the 'Hammer of Retribution' (a high developed generation of cyborgs).

The player has the opportunity to join one of those fractions. The game takes place in different locations, sometimes the missions are part of a small campaign that features different mission-targets that have to be fulfilled by the teams.

Each soldier arranges himself at the beginning an individual equipment from different components. Each of these components/weapons has tactical pro's and con's whereby a complex play happening is developed. By killing opponents or fulfilling mission goals the individual players receive points.


  • Complex Campaigns
The campaign system enables PT to create multiple objectives and missions within a single map. Those in-map missions can completely differ from each other, even take place in different locations. That´s why a PT-Map is usually larger and more varied than maps of other games/mods.
  • Stealth, Movement sensor & radar
Feel the real thrill by using the movement sensor to detect your enemies that may be cloaked by the powerful stealth generator!

On the radar you will see friends, sometimes even enemies and mission-goals in colors depending on their priority.

  • Large outdoor areas
By using a special mapping-method PT features some maps with large nice-looking outdoor terrain with a never seen performance on the Half-Life engine!
  • Detailed player models
The characters are equipped with suits that fit their environment, you can choose between 5 different heads for UDF and 2 for HOR and the player-models have completely new animations. For example the player can prone or give silent commands via body-language.
  • Breathtaking weapons
Experience gameplay with realistic and modern weapon systems or all new futuristic prototypes and powerful inventions on the side of the cyborgs featuring great visual effects. PT features nearly 30 weapons at all and various gadgets/add-ons to equip your player with.
  • Independence for mappers
The PT-Mapping system offers mappers large possibilities in creating and designing their maps. The choice and combination of mission-targets is hardly restricted. Detailed infos can be found in the Mapping-Section - anything is fully documented.
  • MP3 player
Listen to the exclusively composed PT Score or to your own MP3's by using the integrated MP3-Player.

Head Up Display (HUD)

Pt2 hud.jpg


  1. Respawn Counter
    This number shows the number of spawns that are left. Some sub-rounds don't have limited respawns, so the counter stays at 0 (as shown in the picture).
  2. Radar
    The radar is very powerful if you know how to use it. Just take a look at the radar in the picture. You'll notice that there is shown a green triangle, giving the information that the mission target is underneath the player and directly in front of him. And if you concentrate your view on the cross of the radar you'll recognize a blue point besides it. This point represents the team-mate that you can see in the picture shooting at the enemy.
  3. Stamina
    This bar represents your stamina. If you sprint or jump a lot it will decrease. To increase it just stop or walk normally without sprinting.
  4. Health and Armor
    This bar displays your health and armor status. The health bar (left) will decrease and turn red if you got hit. On the other hand the armor bar (right) will also decrease but remain its color. Every shot reduces health AND armor (only in case if you've chosen one) according to the weapon from which the shot has been fired. For instance, a shotgun will primarily reduce armor because the bullet's caliber is very small. A sniper rifle instead will primarily reduce health because the bullet's caliber is very big and will just hit through the armor.
  5. Round Timer
    This timer displays the roundtime that is left for sub-round. To get the remaining maptime just hit the "Timeleft"-Key.
  6. Ammunition
    The left rectangle shows how much bullets are left in your magazine. The right shows how much magazines are left in your ammunition belt. In our case we have 17 bullets left in our magazine, and 1 magazine left.
  7. Sub-round Monitor
    It shows which sub-round you're playing. In case you're playing a map for the first time, just remember the mission target and the number of the sub-round to learn the map quicker. In the picture you will notice that sub-round 1 is active.

Weapon information



Ranking system

The ranks are displayed next to the name of the player in the scoreboard. Additionally, it is shown on the right arm of the UDF player model and in front of the torso of the HOR player model. The ranks don't take effect on the character's abilities.

Ranks of the UDF

The command structure of the UDF:

  1. Udf rank3.jpg Commander (only 1)
  2. Udf rank2.jpg Lieutenant (unlimited)
  3. Udf rank1.jpg Veteran (unlimited)
  4. Soldier (no rank)

Ranks of the HOR

The command structure of the HoR:

  1. Hor rank3.jpg Terminator (only 1)
  2. Hor rank2.jpg Warmachine (unlimited)
  3. Hor rank1.jpg Destroyer (unlimited)
  4. Trooper (no rank)


  1. Udf rank3.jpgCommander / Hor rank3.jpgTerminator
    Player with the highest score in the team + 20 points more than the second player.
  2. Udf rank2.jpgLieutenant / Hor rank2.jpgWarmachine
    Must be higher than the average teamscore + half the score of the best player of the team.
  3. Udf rank1.jpgVeteran / Hor rank1.jpgDestroyer
    Must be higher than the average teamscore.

Scoring system

Project Timeless score system is very complicated, but there are some things you can do to get a higher score. It follows a list of actions you get points for.

  • Killing:
For every killed enemy you get exactly 10 Points.
  • Standing next to a team-mate, that achieves a frag:
The closer you stand next to him the higher the score you get.
  • Fulfilling a mission target:
This depends on the map because the mapper can enter a value. Additionally the mapper can control if a player, that stands next to the mission goal, gets some points, too.

All points you get are added to the "Total Score" (second chart of the scoreboard). The "Average Score" (first chart of the scoreboard) is calculated by "Total Score"/"Your Number of Respawns". So, the "Average Score" is the average score you achieve per respawn.


BETA 2.1

  • faster gameplay (increased movement speed, faster weapon switching etc.)
  • improved weapon balancing
  • removed weapons: SPIKE, H.O.L
  • MP5K and Stoner are available for both teams now
  • removed maps: pt_avenger, pt_cargo, pt_deepsea, pt_liberty (Probably, these maps will be released within a separate map-pack)
  • other small improvements and bugfixes

BETA 2.0 new features/changes

  • auto teamkill punishment
  • faster movement and weaponchange
  • subround display
  • remaining respawns display
  • improved score-system
  • new player animations
  • udf movement sensor
  • new grenades: napalm, emp
  • new/better weapon and explosion effects
  • small weapon changes, new razor model
  • new maps: pt_siege, pt_heat, pt_deepsea, pt_airforceone
  • changed/rebuild maps: pt_assault, pt_avenger, pt_cargo, pt_highlands, pt_underearth, pt_liberty, pt_snowdrift
  • removed maps: pt_desertstorm
  • more gameplay features for mappers
  • various bug fixes and small changes

BETA 1.0 features

  • campaign-/subround-system
  • triggerbased-mission-target system
  • bomb/defuse gameplay
  • vip gameplay
  • terminal-hacking gameplay
  • a bunch of new entities and options
  • immediate-/round end - respawn possibility
  • 4 udf player models (incl. 5 different heads)
  • 2 hor player models (incl. 2 different heads)
  • completely new player animations
  • mission briefing system
  • vgui equipmemt menu
  • udf weapons: socom, socom tac., desert eagle, mp5k, mp5k-tac., uzi, m4, g36, sr-25, sg3000, spas12, xm-300 minigun
  • hor weapons: red-snake,desert eagle, spike, uzi, shark, razor, hammer of light, amp, bison, m-940
  • equipment: stealth generator, bomb, he grenade, poison grenade, c4
  • intelligent weapon physique
  • score system
  • player ranking system
  • 8 maps: pt_assault, pt_avenger, pt_cargo, pt_highlands, pt_desertstorm, pt_liberty, pt_snowdrift, pt_underearth
  • integrated mp3 player
  • pt score tracks: daventry IV
  • map-models:comanche, hor dropship, tank, truck and others.


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