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This SP mod for Source is no longer being developed.

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The Prison Island Mod will take the player deep into the expanses of a huge prison built by a power hungry super-nation. Choosing their own style of game play, the player will be able to complete the storyline the way they see fit. With a variety of custom weapons, props and enemies Prison Island aims to immerse the player in an epic story.

The pi| Developers

We are a dedicated team of developers, modding the Source Engine to its limits to provide you with only the best, Source can do. We're always looking for talented modders to help us out and like to work in a team like ours.

The Features

Innovative Energy-System which is implented into the suits. It will be used for plasma weapon ammunition supply and some special actions the player is enabled to do by wearing different kinds suits.

Stealth Functions, like a "hide in the shadows" function which will always be enabled but is especially useful for the stealthing gameplay and the instant-stealth option, which makes you invisible to enemies right after you press the button. Only for a limited amount of time, but handy if you need a quick escape.

Jetpacking to perform fast and long jumps from one point to another in order to avoid the enemie and get out of the hell you've been thrown into.

3 different kind of suits, all are supporting the player with different styles of gameplay.

 -Rambo-Suit with lots or armor and Energy for heavy weapons
 -Stealth-Suit with not so much armor but a lot of energy and stealthing functions
 -Jumper-Suit with a built-in Jetpack and a lot of energy to perform jetpacking and jumping combos to evade enemies.


Here you can see a little Teaser in HD

Latest News

Progress Update No.1 in 2010
Welcome to Paradise update
Green for the Island update


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