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This SP mod for Portal 2 is no longer being developed.


Portal: Combat is a total conversion of Portal 2, created by Nadestorm Entertainment. The main feature being added to the usual Portal gameplay is weapons.


  • Unique combat system that goes hand-in-hand with the usual Portal feeling and gameplay.
  • Over 100 test chambers which only cover half of the game.
  • Lots of easter eggs, because we know you love them.
  • Original soundtrack.


See the Mod Database for now.


2009 - Mod started


Role Name
Leadership A.M.M.D. & BloodRaven
Music composer wauterboi
Sound artist Durk
Level Designer Speed, Neclipse, emetalce
3D Artists Disables, fdslk, Snyncing, kfhammond, sonnhalter
Plotline A.M.M.D. BloodRaven, Hakamutsi
Voice Actors BlueFlash, artis_star_tour, Angela J.
Translators (German-English) Moonraise, Chaosmaster

Localized versions

Portal: Combat will be completely in english.

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