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player_info_t is an engine interface struct that is filled out by calling engine->GetPlayerInfo(). It seems to become active shortly, but not immediately, after a player connects.

It is designed for access by the client, but can be used serverside too once you copy its definition from public/cdll_int.h.


char name
Game-chosen name as it appears on the scoreboard. Since the Orange Box, always the user's Friends name.
int userID
Player's server-specific Userid
char guid
Player's SteamID
char friendsName
Friends name. Now enforced as game name.
bool fakeplayer
True is player is a bot
bool ishltv
True is player is a HLTV proxy
CRC32_t customFiles
CRC32 hash of the player's custom files. Custom file 0 refers to the player's spray decal, 1 the player's jingle sound, and the rest are unused.
unsigned char filesDownloaded
The number of files this client has downloaded To do: Available from server?

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