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This mod for Source is no longer being developed. Download its last release here.



Pilotable Strider Mod is a Half Life 2: Deathmatch Modification. Ever look at the strider in Half-Life 2 with awe and want to jump in and fry some baddies? Here is your chance. You can drive a Strider, the helicopter or the combine APC.


  • Drive a Strider, a Helicopter or a Combine APC. Just press the "USE" key and move around the map with your new pilotable friend.
  • Enhace your HL2: Deathmatch experience.
  • Use a sniper rifle in this version.
  • Play with some of the HL2 Characters like Alyx.


Version 0.3.1

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Current version

Version 0.3.51

  • Added new mouse movement to Strider and Helicopter
  • APC server crash fixed

Coming soon

Version 0.4

  • Dog, Antlion and Gunship will be pilotables.
  • New Game mode: Strider King.
  • New Weapon: Strider Killer.

Other versions

Version 0.2.75 (Single Player)

  • Drive the Strider, Helicopter, APC, Antlion or Gunship in any HL2 map.
  • You can spawn one of the five new pilotables and use it versus Combine.



Pilotable Strider Mod was one of the first mods for Half life 2. With 6 beta versions released, and more than 150000 downloads, the team now is working in the Strider Mod 4 version, with a new game mode and new pilotables added.


TheQuartz. Project Leader and Main Coder.

_David_. Mapper Leader.

Other info

  • Pilotable Strider Mod in ModDB:ModDB