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The owner of an entity is a nebulous concept, entirely unrelated to parenting. It is generally whatever emitted or is currently in possession of the current entity: if you fire a projectile, pick up a physics object or have a viewmodel, you will be its owner.

Ownership is tested in various situations, the most notable of which is collision detection.


Any ownership of an entity is typically assigned when calling CBaseEntity::Create(), but can be altered later with SetOwner() too.

GetOwnerEntity() returns the owner as CBaseEntity*. Weapons and viewmodels also provide GetOwner(), which returns CBaseCombatCharacter*.

Collisions with owner

In Valve's code objects do not collide with their owner, which can be frustrating. To enable owner collision without breaking backwards compatibility:

  1. Use Class View (Ctrl+Shift+C) to find SolidFlags_t. Change the end to read:
    FSOLID_COLLIDE_WITH_OWNER   = 0X0400,	// Can hit our m_hOwner
  2. Browse to line 514 in CCollisionEvent::ShouldCollide(). Modify the conditionals there to read:
    if ( pEntity0->edict() && pEntity1->edict() )
    	// don't collide with your owner
    	if ( (!pEntity0->IsSolidFlagSet(FSOLID_COLLIDE_WITH_OWNER) && pEntity0->GetOwnerEntity() == pEntity1)
    		|| (!pEntity1->IsSolidFlagSet(FSOLID_COLLIDE_WITH_OWNER) && pEntity1->GetOwnerEntity() == pEntity0) )
    		return 0;
  3. To make TraceLines follow our new rules, edit the bottom of PassServerEntityFilter() to read:
    // don't clip against own missiles
    if ( !pEntTouch->IsSolidFlagSet(FSOLID_COLLIDE_WITH_OWNER) && pEntTouch->GetOwnerEntity() == pEntPass )
    	return false;
    // don't clip against owner
    if ( !pEntPass->IsSolidFlagSet(FSOLID_COLLIDE_WITH_OWNER) && pEntPass->GetOwnerEntity() == pEntTouch )
    	return false;
  4. Then, in your entity, call: