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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.


This project is for the debut game of DivTree Studios. Origin X is made as a horror FPS game, not just a mod. After we establish a fan base, we will contact Steam in order to use Steamworks.


(Will update ASAP)

Note: This plot has radically changed. This is NOT up to date.


  • Custom soundtrack.


Screenshots coming soon.


DivTree Staff:

  • Antonio (atxanton868)
  • Matthew (dountslayer)
  • Edwin (vizard38)
  • Josh (ferrarisrule)
  • Garrett (happydude122)
  • Alex (xantarth)
  • Brandon (alpacasnot)
  • Brennon (whalesbrennon)
  • Visit our Steam group for all members [[DivTree on Steam]]

Special Thanks:

  • Christine Tech
  • Kyle Peterson
  • Elton Muuga
  • "brunofin"

Help Wanted

We are currently in need of staff members in these areas:

  • Mapping (Intermediate to Advanced)
  • Modeling (Intermediate to Advanced)
  • Level Design (Intermediate to Advanced)

To Apply for a position, join the DivTree group, then contact Anton.

More Information

Alpha test coming this summer 2009.

Contact Antonio (atxanton868) on Steam for more information.

External Links

Official DivTree Site

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