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This mod for Source has been released! Download it now.


Release of the new version of OccupationCS: Source 3.06.1 (Counter-Strike version) is now available.

Features and Fixes for OccupationCS: 1.3

  • Ammunition Bag makes its debut thanks to the expert modeling skills of our Lead Modeler: Joker3004
  • The ammunition bag is given when a Player or NPC first Spawns and is automatically dropped when they die. A player can deploy an Ammunition Bag to inspect its content and then either drop (will now have no ammo) or holster it. This Ammunition Bag is referred to as the “Storage” bag. Don’t leave home with out one
  • If a player picks up a second Ammunition Bag he or she can transfer its content (one clip at a time using Primary Attack) into their Storage Bag This Ammunition Bag is referred to as the “Supply” bag. The Supply Bag is automatically dropped when a new weapon is selected or can be dropped when the player is done with it
  • The Storage Ammunition Bag attaches to the back of the player or NPC while they are alive


  • All weapons now have Fire and Idle animations when sighted
  • All weapon Sights line up with the center of the screen near perfectly
  • Iron Sights now interrupt Sprinting and always raise unless in reload or the the player is near unconsciousness
  • All weapons eject cartridges and have muzzle flashes (where appropriate)
  • M16 and M60 now spec to the M4a1 and M249 Para respectively and the M16a2 was added
  • The M16a2 World Model and sounds are courtesy of:

M16 Model: Twinke Masta / Skin: Twinke Masta, Polygon / Skin Edits: Eggwhites / Silencer Model/Skin: Stoke / Animations: KingFriday and Book / Sounds: Vunsunta / Compile/World Models: Solid_Snake / Render: Kagoshima / Brought to you by: Cardboard Box Productions

I extend a thanks to the their modeling and acoustical skills

  • M4a1 and USP 45 now have Special Silencer Fire Modes prefixed by “spc”
  • Recoil for both sighted and hip shooting works correctly. The factors for recoil incorporate Muzzle Energy, Weapon Mass, Player Strength and Stability
  • Hip shooting now causes the weapon Viewmodel and the weapons aim to kick relative to the recoil. Sighting provides increased stability to the weapon platform
  • Weapon Fire Modes now default to the highest setting and cycle down
  • Fists now pack a good punch, hint aim for the face


  • The Damage System has been reworked now putting the Penetration Depth equal to that of Projectile Energy Loss along the wound tract. A high energy graze will hurt but a low energy deep penetration might kill
  • Blood Loss and Organ Failure has been modified so depending on the injury now a Player and NPC can survive more than a minute after a fatal impact
  • Conversely Shock and Concussions have been modified so depending on the Injury a Player and NPC can recover in seconds from being knocked down or knocked out


  • All VGUI Screens and HUD Components scale to all Screen Resolutions and Ratios at or above 640X480. If you change your resolution you must quit and Restart OccupationCS for the VGUI screens to be resized (next version I will fix this)


  • The NPC’s have been liberated. I removed a piece of code that I had written that interrupted the AI animations. With the removal of that code and the tweaking of some AI fire control the NPC’s now have no mercy
  • Now allow NPC Liberation Forces to spawn with RPG’s so both sides have

explosive ordnance. Will give the all NPC’s Grenade throwing abilities soon

Game Play:

  • Decreased the length of time required to Secure Zones for both Players and NPC’s so watch out
  • Increased the Pay rate for Players that Occupy hostile zones by a factor of 100. That’s where da’money is

Features and Fixes for Occupation: Source 1.2 & OccupationCS: 1.2

  • Iron Sights for all weapons. (Screen Bob gone, now Weapon bobs while at hip and view bobs while in sights)
  • Armor Specific Models (Models reflect level of armor for each part of its body)
  • Player Animations Improved (mainly Sprinting and Sighting)
  • No Crosshairs except when zoomed
  • Weapon Scope Zoom now set and locked using -/+ keys
  • Weapon Recoil More manageable
  • NPC Animations fixed
  • NPC AI Improved
  • NPC's now stacked more heavily against players faction
  • Gaining Control of the Map now decreases enemies allocation level
  • Rank now implemented (persistent while server is running, resets when server is restarted)
  • Funds and Rank now gained and lost based on combat
  • Moderate Vital Healing while in Owned HQ
  • Alarm indicating Gain and Loss of control of Zones by Occupation Forces
  • Explosions in close proximity to Zones cause a decrease in control
  • Open and Closing of Doors using Fists Secondary Attack implemented
  • New Map "Sector A" added
  • Minor Improvements to Lighting and Layout of existing maps
  • Fixed Five Seven Muzzle Flash bug (CS Version)
  • Fixed Tracers so they more accurately follow the path of the projectiles
  • Decreased Shotgun Pellet and Slug surface areas and increased slightly pellet muzzle energy

Occupation: Source uses the HL2 projectile weapons exclusively. Owning HL2 and HL2DM is required to play this version.

OccupationCS: Source uses the Counter-Strike Weapons and the HL2 projectile weapons (over 80 ammo types). It has its own installation from Occupation called OccupationCS. This is required in order to comply with copyright conditions. Owning HL2 and Counter-Strike: Source is required to play this version.


The Citadel has fallen and now humanity must get back up. With the alien nemesis defeated the surviving rebel army attempts to reestablish the rule of law. Unable to agree on whether to continue the Black Mesa experiments or to outlaw all alien technology the rebel army fractures into two rival factions: The Alliance and the Coalition. With the fall of the new alien enemy comes the return of the old enemy, ourselves.


Occupation is more of a total conversion of the HL2 combat and damage system than a modification. It creates, I believe, a new and innovative approach to multiplayer gaming using ownership as the principal objective and transport reinforcement as the principal means of respawning. It also implements among other things an insanely realistic bullet and damage system. If you like FPS’s and realistic gameplay you should check out the beta, I know you will not be disappointed.


External and Terminal Ballistic Modeling

In Occupation, bullet behavior is based on real world physics. The bullet's ability to move and penetrate depends on its physical characteristics such as energy, diameter, mass, shape and material composition, to name a few. As bullets are projected through time and space their interaction with the world cause them to slow, drop, expand, fragment, deflect, lodge and obliterate during their short life. The end result is both amazing and terrifying and most importantly realistic.

Player Biometric Modeling

Having realistic projectiles with a simple tally damage system would have been pointless so Occupation implemented a health-damage system equal to that of the Ballistic Modeling. The game uses a Composite health system that captures the complexity of the human bodies operation and most importantly its failure due to trauma.

The primary form of projectile damage to players and NPC's is caused by cavity damage. The extent of the cavity made by the projectile, the energy lost in making that cavity and the body parts the cavity passes through all are factors in the calculation of overall impact damage. The truly unique aspect of Occupation is that the cavity damage is not limited to a single hit location but can intersect many locations along the path of the projectile and can involve multiple entry and exit wound tracts. A summary injury report is available in-game (Body Status) and a complete breakdown of these injuries both sustained and inflicted is available after death in the Field Hospital.

Realistic Game Rules

New reinforcing game play system that creates a simulated combat experience like no other. No more hurry up and die, no more war of attrition. Instead of rooting for your last teammate to die you hope they hold out a little while longer so you can re-enter the theatre and give them some much needed fire support. Choose your deployment method, book your route and ready your weapon, your going in.


West Road Confrontation - Up close and personal with a shotty
Fatal Impact - Not long for this world
Friendly Fire Incident - Composite Vest saves the day
Staging Area - Field Hospital Player Injury Report


Occupation originally started as a bullet code experiment under HL1 but never saw the light of day (needed the ragdoll and physics). Over the last year and a half I turned that early experience (and code) into a seriously realistic First Person Shooter, and thus Occupation: Source was born. The first public offering of Occupation was made on Sunday September 24th, 2007.


The team consists of one person, myself, OccupationG. I am a 38 year OOP programmer with a life long love of gaming.

I would like make a shout out to Tourorist for helping me format this page. Much appreciated.OccupationG

Localized versions

The Beta Release (v1.11) of Occupation: Source is available from the official website.

The Beta Release (v1.01) of OccupationCS: Source is available from the official website.

The Beta Release (v1.0) of Occupation: Source is available from the official website.

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