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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.

NightFall: Initiation has been shelved. It potentially will return at some point in the future.

You can grab the latest 'complete' build at (Around 600MB)


My name is John Dalton. I have been fighting in the biggest war mankind has ever seen. And that is all I know.

They tell me that my parents are dead. They tell me that they found me in a graveyard, disfigured, mutlilated, and clinging to life. I should have been dead, they say. I would have been better off dead. But they brought me here. They kept me alive. And this is why I fight.

I can't remember ever holding a gun in my life. But from the moment they handed me one, it felt right. I knew that this is what I was meant to do. I was a born killer - and killing is what I did best.

For months on end, we fought them. We single handedly held off the uprising, and I spearheaded every attack, almost superhumanly avoiding injury.

But now, something is wrong. Even in the most unlikely of hiding places, the Combine are finding us. Our numbers are slowly decimating. And... things have been disturbing me. Dreams. Nightmares, in fact. Of places that I've never seen in my life, but seem so real that I could almost... reach out and touch something.

Something is wrong.
With us.
With me.

Planned features

NightFall is an episodic Half Life 2 single player mod, planned to be 11 maps long with 5 hours of action-packed gameplay, boasting new weapons, new characters, highly detailed maps and a detailed, twisting storyline that remains true to the world of Half Life.

The first episode is called Initiation.


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