NC4C: Identity Crisis

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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.


This project was concerned with the development of a prototype FPS/RTS game based on the Source Engine.

The concept is a sci-fi psychological game whereby the participant has to solve problems and use their intellect to obtain goals and advance their knowledge, experience and progress.

Set in the near future 2020-2030:

Awakening in a cold concrete cell block, our character begins the journey of re-discovering their identity and re-building their life.

All memories of the past are erased and you are unaware of how you came to be imprisoned.

You are in a converted semi-submerged cell block. One of the last made before they were completely phased out. This complex used to form part of a network of industrial fisheries used to restock the surrounding waters of the city. These complexes were part of ENKE Industries, now defunct, and were subsequently acquired by IPS (Internal Protective Services), also a now defunct Government Agency.

IPS was previously established to maintain order in the city alongside other central law enforcement agencies. However it was shutdown after deep-rooted internal corruption was discovered. The result being that all assets were left in limbo and frozen. These last remaining converted prison hulks are all that remain, and their occupants have been essentially left for dead. All records of IPS' operations were wiped after the corruption was leaked to the public.



Main menu
Cell Block Complex Interior
Main menu
Cell Block Complex


This video demostrates the basics of the sound design for the first level of the game. The idea is that it should be sparce and unimpossing while at the same time slightly sinister

This video shows the audio transition from inside to out. It shows the transition between a place that is life less to a place that shows hope. The audio is designed to be detailed and in sync with the visual world

This video shows the synthetic speech that was designed to be annoying. The idea behind the sound is that the player should feel uncomfortable listening to the speech - effectively a form of subtle torture

This video is the outside of the game, the sound design is very sparse to reflect the desolation of the world

Example of Game Dialogue


This project was started as the practical component of two thesii at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, Finland (Taidekorkeakoulu / TaiK) - Media Lab in 2006.

The project was completed later that year with a playable level with customization for models, textures, a character and heavy sound design.

The next stage will be to add some more refinement and details to the level and release it as a playable/downloadable mod.

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