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Modular Combat is a role-playing first person shooter based in the Half-Life universe.

Moving beyond the Resistance-Combine war, three factions the Resistance, Combine, and Aperture Science simultaneously test the HEV Mark VI Combat System and pit their forces against each other. Combatants face off against each other and monsters from Xen, in the Controlled Combat Testing Facility, which is monitored and by a super-computer known as BoSS.

The Mark VI system, on the most basic of levels functions in an almost identical manner to the Mk. V system, meaning little training will be required to integrate the suits use in combat. However, unlike the Mk. V suit, the Mk. VI functions as an open utility platform allowing the user to customise the suits functionality beyond regular parameters via the use of plugin modules.

Blank modules are awarded as the user performs actions such as killing or damaging monsters and other users, data signifying the relative strength of said target in comparison to the user is recorded and experience points are awarded accordingly.

  • Pro tip: Stronger enemies mean larger rewards, working with fellow combatants can mean large experience boosts for all participants

Blank modules, once acquired act similarly to a stem cell and can be slotted into the suit at any point in time. With over 50 modules that may be upgraded at any level and in any combination, combatants are encouraged to experiment with module combinations and create synergy between upgrades. For example a combatant may use his or her modules to unlock features such as active summoning: spawning BoSS controlled Xen creatures to aid them in combat, alternatively they may also unlock features that deceases damage taken, or increases their own damage output via aux amplified rounds or through a wide variety attacks ranging from energy balls to hunter flechette cannons.

When shooting someone in the face just isn't cool enough... We have a module for that.


  • There are currently four game modes
  • Classic Death Match where all players are pitted against one another
  • P.V.M: A player versus monster scenario, wherein all combatants must work together in order to survive and take down various beasts ranging from the most adorable head crab to the fiercest antlion guard
  • Team Death Match; all players are divided into their respective factions or are put into another team in order to ensure balance and work together in order to kill each other
  • F.F.A: Players versus everything; not only will players have to contend with each other but must also fight off the vicious monsters that provide both hindrance and golden windows of opportunity in a chaotic free for all
  • Modules and upgrades that change the way you play; be a stealthy assassin, a near invincible juggernaut, a master mind attacking from all angles.........the choice is yours
  • Never be stuck with a build you don't like with 6 suits free and available for customisation
  • Push the offensive by working your modules in unison: turn one gun into three against an opponent who's practically super glued in place and takes more than double damage minimum


checkthescore.jpg blastvort2.jpg redbatteries.jpg


Modular Combat was created and developed by Matt (Matthew Dryden) and Winston (Andrew Watkins). Through out the history of the mod several developers/players contributed and assisted Matt and Andrew making the mod better. Development continued up until December 2010 when both Matt and Andrew became too busy with life to continue development. Between January and August 2011 the mod died but the servers still hung around. Of the top servers that were out there was Nachos and Cookies which really helped the mod take off. Around the end of August 2011 both Evil Police (Bryan Haley) and Archer (John Spinuzzi) decided they did not want to see the mod die and promptly obtained permission from Andrew to continue development.

Following are release dates and brief descriptions of changes made.

  • June 17, 2008 - v1.0 First release
  • June 25, 2008 - v1.09 bug fixes, Cloak fully decloaks on attack, Ammo Regen no longer gives Grenades or SMG1 grenades
  • August 18, 2008 - v1.50 added modules: Kamikaze Crow, Jet-pack, Freeze Bomb, MIRV Grenade, & Poison Resist
  • August 24, 2008 - v1.51 bug fixes
  • May 17, 2009 - v1.72 First attempt at Linux server port, 18 modules added, voting system added
  • June 2, 2009 - v1.74 Spit & Polish, two new maps, three new developers joined the team
  • August 1, 2009 - v1.75 More modules and bugs to boot!
  • August 24, 2009 - v1.76 Lots of bug fixes, 12 new modules, several new maps & monsters, new game mode: TDM, much more...
  • July 4, 2010 - v2.0.0 Three new maps, new module:Flechettes, All new account info stored in sqlite DB, UI updates...
  • August 8, 2010 - v2.0.1 Bug fixes, monsters, features, too numerous to list...
  • October 1, 2010 - v2.0.3 Bug Fixes, Module points refunded/reset, removed modules:Regeneration, Armor Regen, Recharge...
  • October 22, 2010 - v2.0.4 Matt steps down from lead designer, bug fixes & added features
  • November 29, 2010 v2.0.5 Major bug fix, upped monster limit from 63 to 200
  • January 8, 2012 v2.0.5B (beta) Increased regeneration, installed new voting system



  • Archer: (Project Coordinator, Lead Developer)
  • Evil Policeman: (Lead Developer, Modeler, Texturer, Animator)
  • Wolfo
  • neutron
  • taiiat
  • HolyMac
  • Agent Phaser Rave: (Modeler, Beta Tester)

Beta Testers

  • Animus
  • luke
  • hookshots
  • Valhyn
  • suki-chan (and lead writer)

Webmaster, Game Server Host

  • PAL-18

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