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This mod for Goldsource has been released! Download it now.


Master Sword (now called Master Sword: Continued because it was redone by a new development team) is a third party RPG mod currently released for Half Life 1, and is under development for the Source engine known as Master Sword: Source. The game is a total conversion, and has new features such as character saving and development, weapon classes such as axes, swords, bows, and small arms, a magic system, and more. We are looking for new developers, especially a new coder. More information about the mod can be found at our website:


  • Kuroneko—Leader, scripter
  • dRkILL—Co-leader, mapper
  • Daniel "Ewok" Carvalho—Mapper
  • Gaz—Mapper, modeler
  • Lanethan—Story writer, composer
  • Con Artist—Animator
  • FUCHEN—Modeler

Help wanted

We are accepting applicants for all areas of development (we especially need a coder).

Background and story


This continent is the central focus of the game. Currently the gameworld focuses on the southeastern and mideastern portion of the continent, areas populated mostly by humans: the mountainous region surrounding the frontier towns of Edana and Helena, the wild and untamed Thornlands and surrounding mountains, swamps and forests, the plains of middle Deralia and the human capital city of Deralia ("The Jewel of the Human World"). Human civilization is mostly centered in these eastern areas, while the Dwarves, a short and hardy people, inhabit the mountainous region of the southwest. The Elves, tall and slender folk, inhabit the central forest of Eswen Sylen, the forest of Giants (referring to the size of the trees). Other geographic areas of note include the northwestern 'Reach,' a land that used to house the great empire of humankind before its destruction in the Great War (see history section), and the northeastern wintry area known as the Bleak.


For a complete history, please read Lanethan's novella, which can be found here.


The evil dark lord, Lor Malgoriand, is assembling a new dark army of undead and disrupting the balance between good and evil. Animals have become violent, orcs have been attacking towns more frequently and in larger numbers, and undead being roam the land. Are you prepared to become a hero and vanquish Lor Malgoriand?