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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.


Mario Kart Source aims to bring the fun and excitement of the Mario Kart series to the PC though the powerful Source engine used in Half Life 2. We hope to create the ultimate version of Mario Kart (MK) by combining all of the best aspects into one game. We're not simply recreating one version of MK, but using the best parts of each. We want to have all the traditional weapons, characters, and maps but also bring out new weapons that make game-play interesting. We're redesigning the maps so that they keep their appeal, but truly utilize the power of the source engine. We plan to have at least 16 different characters, all the ones you know and love as well as some others from the Super Mario World.


  • one of the best Mario Kart ever (because it's possible to update the game, create his own character, his own level, his own server...)
  • a lot of character
  • originals maps
  • new maps, new weapons, new characters


  • Project manager: SiLeNt-JoKeR
  • Programmers: One Eyed, Ramu
  • Graphics Artists: Wind Helleven
  • 3D Modelers: Sh4rk, General Guy
  • Level designers: KillerMapper, General Guy, Dragon, Shadow-Will
  • Model animator: TheslaminJ
  • Sound FX Technicians: Joeymofo, Milky Death Grind
  • Music Technicians: Nova

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