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This is a list of sites about mapping, including tutorials, articles, communities, etc. Creative toolset to becoming a game level designer and 3d environment artist.

  • Es.png Mapeadores - Mapping community.
  • Gb.png Balticforever - Mapping and modeling community.
  • Gb.png Facepunch - Forums with a huge Source Engine Mapping Section.
  • Gb.png Gamebanana > Tutorials - Tutorials related to a variety of Source Games.
  • Gb.png Halfwit-2 - Another collection of Mapping tutorials.
  • Gb.png Interlopers - Half-Life 2 News & Tutorials.
  • Gb.png L4Dmaps - Mapping forums and resource site for the L4D series.
  • Gb.png Lambdageneration - Articles & Tutorials about Source Engine modding & level design.
  • Gb.png Mapcore - International game development community with many users working in the game industry.
  • De.png Mappingbase German mapping community with more than 300 tutorials for the Source Engine.
  • Gb.png mIKe's ReVeNGe - HL2DM Community with an Excellent set of Tutorials!
  • Fr.png Modding-Area - Tutorials on Mapping, Beginner to Advanced, all in French!
  • Gb.png - Mapping forums and resource site for TF2.
  • De.png The RaZZeR App - German tutorials on Source engine development.
  • Gb.png The Snarkpit - Mapping and modeling community site.
  • De.png The Wall - German mapping community for Goldsource and Source.
  • Gb.png ThinkingWithPortals - Portal 2 mapping community and public download database.
  • Gb.png The Whole Half-Life - Mapping community and tutorial site with busy forums for Goldsource and Source mappers.
  • Gb.png UberMicro - Mapping forums for all Valve games. Help with Valve's Hammer Editor.
  • Gb.png World of Level Design - Website dedicated to mapping tutorials, 3d environment modeling, level design articles.