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Each line has the name of a map.[Clarify] (like the maplist.txt). Place this in your game/mod root folder.


Confirm:Can't be used to cycle modes in games with several modes like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive/Game Modes

Insurgency Insurgency

Confirm:As of 2/1/15 - The existing stock mapcycle.txt and mapcycle_all.txt sent with Insurgency servers is incomplete (it doesnt even include 'verticality')
Here is the complete list

panj push
panj_night push
market push
market_night push
sinjar push
sinjar_night push
peak push
heights push
heights_night push
buhriz push
buhriz_night push
district push
district_night push
siege push
revolt push
revolt_night push
verticality push
verticality_night push
panj firefight
panj_night firefight
uprising firefight
uprising_night firefight
market firefight
market_night firefight
heights firefight
heights_night firefight
district firefight
district_night firefight
siege firefight
contact firefight
peak firefight
peak_night firefight
sinjar firefight
sinjar_night firefight
ministry firefight
ministry_night firefight
revolt firefight
revolt_night firefight
verticality firefight
verticality_night firefight
panj skirmish
panj_night skirmish
market skirmish
market_night skirmish
heights skirmish
heights_night skirmish
district skirmish
district_night skirmish
siege skirmish
contact skirmish
peak skirmish
peak_night skirmish
ministry skirmish
ministry_night skirmish
revolt skirmish
revolt_night skirmish
verticality skirmish
verticality_night skirmish
panj occupy
panj_night occupy
uprising occupy
uprising_night occupy
market occupy
market_night occupy
peak occupy
peak_night occupy
heights occupy
heights_night occupy
district occupy
district_night occupy
siege occupy
buhriz occupy
buhriz_night occupy
ministry occupy
ministry_night occupy
revolt occupy
revolt_night occupy
verticality occupy
verticality_night occupy
district infiltrate
district_night infiltrate
market infiltrate
market_night infiltrate
contact infiltrate
ministry infiltrate
ministry_night infiltrate
revolt infiltrate
revolt_night infiltrate
uprising infiltrate
uprising_night infiltrate
market strike
market_night strike
contact strike
buhriz strike
buhriz_night strike
sinjar strike
sinjar_night strike
heights strike
heights_night strike
revolt strike
revolt_night strike
market ambush
market_night ambush
siege ambush
contact ambush
revolt ambush
revolt_night ambush
verticality ambush
verticality_night ambush
peak flashpoint
peak_night flashpoint
contact flashpoint
heights flashpoint
heights_night flashpoint
revolt flashpoint
revolt_night flashpoint