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The map console command loads the specified map and starts a game on it.

Warning.png Warning: For multiplayer games, this command will kick everyone from your server before changing the map, or does a hard change, so to speak. If you want to soft change your map from console use the changelevel command.


map mapname <gamemode> (omit the .bsp extension)

Can access both maps in mounted VPKs and in the maps\ folder. Maps that are in a subdirectory of maps\ need to have the folder name included in the console command.

Example: map de_dust2 deathmatch

In <Counter-Strike: Global Offensive>, the optional gamemode parameter can be deathmatch, casual, competitive, armsrace, coopstrike ... etc. For a list of these gamemode parameters and more details, see CSGO_Game_Mode_Commands.

To do: A similar list exists for <Left 4 Dead 2>.


map_background is a command analogous to map that will load a map as a background. The player will not be able to move normally, but they can still use the console to move, attack, etc.


map_commentary is a command that is analogous to map but also enables commentary mode.


maps lists all the maps the game has access to that begin with a certain prefix. Use * to list all maps.

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