List of No More Room in Hell Console Commands

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This is a listing of all commands that are in No More Room in Hell but not part of a default Source SDK 2013 Multiplayer mod. For the normal commands that should mostly still apply see the Console Command List article.


Name Description
addons Open Add-on Manager.
addons_clear_preview_cache Clear preview cache
addons_dump_metadata Dump add-on metadata
addons_list Dumps add-on list
addons_showtags Prints add-on tags
ae_debug_print_worldlights Print amount of world lights found in PVS
ammocheck_sound_delay Time delay between ammo check and sound being played
anim_player_yaw_increments Increments of player yaw
anim_showmainactivity Show the idle, walk, run, and/or sprint activities.
bot_add Add a bot.
bot_changeclass Force all bots to change to the specified class.
bot_crouch Bot crouches
bot_flipout When on all bots fire their guns.
bot_forceattack2 When firing use attack2.
bot_forceattackon When firing dont tap fire hold it down.
bot_forcefireweapon Force bots with the specified weapon to fire.
bot_kick Kick a bot.
bot_mimic Bot uses usercmd of player by index.
bot_mimic_yaw_offset Offsets the bot yaw.
bot_sendcmd Forces bots to send the specified command.
bot_voicecommands Bots talk the good smack.
charselect Show the character selector
chat_atten_max Chat attenuation distance in units
cl_barricade_board_model Model to use for barricade points
cl_debug_music_manager Debug music manager
cl_detail_avoid_force force with which to avoid players ( in units percentage of the width of the detail sprite )
cl_detail_avoid_radius radius around detail sprite to avoid players
cl_detail_avoid_recover_speed how fast to recover position after avoiding players
cl_detail_max_sway Amplitude of the detail prop sway
cl_health_display Show player names
cl_health_supply_max_dist Maximum draw distance of health supply hud
cl_health_supply_offset Distance above origin that health draws for health supplys
cl_keypad_tone Keypad input plays DTMF tone.
cl_lowhealth_end Percent of health to stop low health effect.
cl_lowhealth_start Percent of health to start low health effect.
cl_mainmenu_promo_buttons Show additional promotional buttons in the main menu.
cl_motd_allow_remote_url Allow remote URL on MOTD.
cl_music_blitz Music to play while playing blitz mode
cl_music_challenge Music to play while playing challenge modes
cl_music_crossfade_time Time for background music to fade in / out
cl_music_cure Music to play while cured
cl_music_suicide Music to play while contemplating suicide
cl_music_vaccine Music to play while under effects of vaccine
cl_muzzle_dlight Use dynamic light for muzzle flashes instead of entity light
cl_muzzle_smoke_delay Minimum time between muzzle smoke effects.
cl_playerselector_model Display 3D models in the player selector.
cl_ragdoll_physics_enable Enable/disable ragdoll physics.
cl_richpresence Enable Rich Presence.
cl_safezone_attack_sound_cd Time between safe zone under attack sounds
cl_safezone_flash_cd Time between flashes of an in-danger safe zone
cl_show_speed spam console with local player speed
cl_steam_notification_position Steam overlay notification position.
cl_stickyironsight Whether to use sticky ironsights or not.
cl_viewbob_enabled Oscillation Toggle
cl_viewbob_scale Magnitude of Oscillaiton
cl_viewbob_timer Speed of Oscillation
cl_viewpunch_x Value of x-plane viewpunch for AE_WPN_VIEWPUNCH_VAR events.
cl_viewpunch_y Value of y-plane viewpunch for AE_WPN_VIEWPUNCH_VAR events.
cl_viewpunch_z Value of z-plane viewpunch for AE_WPN_VIEWPUNCH_VAR events.
cl_vmcamera_enabled Enable the viewmodel camera
cl_vmcamera_scale Scale of the viewmodel camera movements
cl_voicesubtitles Enable voice subtitles in chat.
cl_wavenum_padding_post Padding of WAVE texture before label
cl_wavenum_padding_x Padding of WAVE texture in x-direction
cl_wavenum_padding_y Padding of WAVE texture in y-direction
cl_workshop_download_maps Download maps automatically from Workshop. (Depends on server)
compass_fadetime Time for compass to fade away after releasing hotkey.
CreatePredictionError Create a prediction error
dropitem dropitem: Drops item/ammo of the player.
dropweapon dropweapon: Drops the weapon of the player.
ds_autodelete Auto-delete recordings with no associated bookmark.
ds_autorecord Auto-record demos on map start will be saved to the directory set in ds_dir.
ds_bookmark_backtrack By default how many seconds should the timer go backwards when the bookmark key is pressed
ds_bookmark_goto Go to bookmark tick.
ds_dir Demos are saved into this directory located in NMRiH game folder. Directory will be created if it doesnt exist.
ds_exportlog Export log of a demo.
ds_fileprefix File name prefix.
ds_log Log events such as player chat, kills and so on. Saved as [demoname].txt in the same folder as demo.
ds_mark Set bookmark to current tick. Usage: ds_mark [name] [secs to backtrack]
ds_playback_controls Enable demo playback controls.
ds_playback_open_ui Open demo UI on playback.
ds_playback_open_ui_version Demo UI version to open. 1: Normal UI. 2: Simple UI.
ds_playdemo This command attempts to load a demo in the dir that is set in ds_dir first and root second.
ds_record Record a demo using NMRiH Demo Support.
ds_record_toggle Record a demo using NMRiH Demo Support. (Toggle version for bind)
ds_sounds Play a sound on record/stop.
ds_stop Stop a demo using NMRiH Demo Support.
dump_objectives Dump all objectives to console
dump_weapon_registry Dump Weapon Registry
dump_weapon_registry Dump Weapon Registry
endround Ends round.
extractallplayers Extracts all players.
extractplayer Extracts player. Usage: extractplayer [userid]
fmod_fade_out Fade out a sound through FMOD
fmod_stop Stop a sound through FMOD
freezeallnpcs Freeze all NPCs.
freezeallplayers Freeze all players.
glow_outline_effect_enable Enable entity outline glow effects.
glow_outline_width Width of glow outline effect in screen space.
hb_beat_baselooptime Time in seconds between heartbeats (baseline)
hb_beat_basepulsetime Time in seconds between in and out pulses (baseline)
hb_beat_endlooptime Time in seconds between heartbeats (ending point)
hb_beat_endpulsetime Time in seconds between in and out pulses (ending point)
hb_breath_looptime Time in seconds between breath start times.
hb_heavy_threshold Threshold of stamina to play heavy breathing sound.
hb_light_threshold Threshold of stamina to play light breathing sound (and heartbeat).
hb_medium_threshold Threshold of stamina to play medium breathing sound.
heal_safe_zone Test heal a safe zone
inv_maxcarry Maximum weight a player can carry in hundredths of grams.
inv_speedfactor_full Movement speed penalty when player has full inventory.
inv_speedfactor_half Movement speed penalty when player has half full inventory.
inv_speedfactor_norm Movement speed penalty when player has empty inventory.
kill_safe_zone Kill a safe zone
load_challenge Load challenge in Challenge mode.
map_showspawnpoints Dev - test the spawn points draws for 60 seconds
maphack_dump_vars Dump MapHack variables to console.
maphack_include Include file by name into existing MapHack.
maphack_load Load MapHack file by name.
maphack_reload Reload current MapHack.
maphack_trigger Trigger a MapHack event.
me_abrasivesaw_drain_rate_active Abrasive Saw fuel drain rate per second while attacking
me_abrasivesaw_drain_rate_idle Abrasive Saw fuel drain rate per second while idle
me_abrasivesaw_loop_crossfade_time Abrasive Saw looping sound crossfade time
me_chainsaw_drain_rate_active Chainsaw fuel drain rate per second while attacking
me_chainsaw_drain_rate_idle Chainsaw fuel drain rate per second while idle
me_chainsaw_loop_crossfade_time Chainsaw looping sound crossfade time
mp_limitteams Max # of players 1 team can have over another (0 disables check)
mp_showcleanedupents Show entities that are removed on round respawn.
mv_speed_normal Movement speed while walking
mv_speed_riflesights Movement speed while ironsighted with a rifle
mv_speed_sights Movement speed while ironsighted
mv_speed_sprint Movement speed while sprinting
nav_no_zombie_spawn Toggles the zombies cannot spawn here flag used by the AI system.
nmrih_creategame Create multiplayer game
nmrih_screenspace Enable / Disable Infection shaders
nmrih_support_helper Prints troubleshooting information.
nmrih_version_client NMRiH Client Version
nmrih_version_server NMRiH Server Version
nukeplayers Nuke players.
ov_autofill_complete_distance At this distance a spawn zone should be filled.
ov_autofill_start_distance At this distance a spawn zone should start filling.
ov_big_room_size Rooms this size or larger regenerate dead zombies by default.
ov_debug Debug spawn system.
ov_despawn_timeout Time in which a zombie will be despawned if not seen by any players.
ov_invisible_cull Distance at which a zombie is always invisible to a player regardless of visibility.
ov_max_despawn_per_tick Maximum number of zombies that can be despawned in a single tick
ov_max_spawn_try Amount of times overlord will try spawning a zombie before giving up
ov_max_zombie_count Maximum number of zombies in a map
ov_min_spawn_dist Absolute minimum distance to a player a zombie can be spawned.
ov_pop_queue_on_full Pop the oldest spawn queue entry if queue is full instead of rejecting spawns
ov_queue_overload Multiple of maximum zombies to allow in queue
ov_queue_per_tick Number of queue entries to process per tick
ov_runner_chance Chance for each zombie spawned to be a runner
ov_runner_kid_chance Chance of spawned runner zombie to be a kid
ov_spawn_per_tick Maximum number of zombies to spawn per tick
ov_spread_distance Minimum distance between zombies
ov_view_cone_padding Factor of view cone to allow as padding when doing visibility checks.
ov_vis_check_freq How often the overlord will check zombie visibility.
ov_visible_cull Distance at which a zombie is visible to a player even when occluded.
ov_zombies_per_second Maximum number of zombies to spawn per second
overlord_thinkrate Rate at which the overlord thinks.
play_fmod_fade Fade in a sound through FMOD
play_fmod_sound Play a sound through FMOD
refresh_postprocess Refresh post process textures
refresh_screenspace Refresh Screenspace Texture
reset_records Reset challenge mode record times.
respawnallplayers Respawns all players.
respawnplayer Respawns player. Usage: respawnplayer [userid]
restartround Restart round.
sdk_ShowStateTransitions sdk_ShowStateTransitions <ent index or -1 for all>. Show player state transitions.
show_objective Show the current objective
show3dnav Shows 3d nav brushes
showmotd show motd
showvphysicsclips Shows VPhysics clip brushes
showvphysicsclips_toggle Toggle Shows VPhysics clip brushes
soundscape_update_rate Rate at which soundscapes will update the list of players in their PVS
sv_allow_dead_votekick_alive Allow dead players to vote kick alive players
sv_armor_scale_dmg Amount damage is scaled for all weapons hitting chest armor
sv_arrow_max_passthroughs Maximum number of entities a single arrow can pass through.
sv_arrow_passthrough_chance Chance for an arrow to pass through an entity on headshot.
sv_arrow_speed_max Maximum speed of arrows (units/sec)
sv_arrow_speed_min Minimum speed of arrows (units/sec)
sv_back_speed_frac Fraction of movement speed when walking backwards
sv_bandage_heal_amt Amount of health bandages heal on use
sv_barricade_cooldown Time after board breaking before barricade point is available again
sv_barricade_health Health of barricade boards.
sv_barricade_opacity Opacity of barricade points when visible
sv_bash_cost_per_sec Cost of stamina per second of bash charge
sv_bleedout_chance_high Chance for bleedout at not low health
sv_bleedout_chance_low Chance for bleedout at low health
sv_bleedout_damage Damage taken per bleedout tick
sv_bleedout_jump_stam_mult Stamina cost multiplier when bleeding out
sv_bleedout_threshold Health threshold for low health bleedout chance
sv_bleedout_tick_rate Seconds between bleedout damage
sv_bloody_chance Chance of a weapon to be bloodied on each melee attack
sv_blunt_charged_pushback_chance Chance of a blunt weapon to push back a zombie on a charged attack
sv_blunt_pushback_chance Chance of a blunt weapon to push back a zombie
sv_bow_cancel_time Time until a stretched bow is cancelled
sv_bow_tense_period Time until a stretched bow becomes tense
sv_brainstem Enables/Disables zombie brainstem hitbox
sv_bullet_knockback_chance_max Maximum chance for a bullet to knock a zombie back
sv_bullet_knockback_chance_min Minimum chance for a bullet to knock a zombie back
sv_bullet_pen_count Maximum number of times a bullet can penetrate through a zombie
sv_bullet_pen_dmg_factor Damage factor of bullet each time it penetrates
sv_challenge Enable challenge mode.
sv_challenge_name Current challenge. (Set to Random for random objective chains)
sv_chopper_drop_height How high above a drop point the chopper tries to get before dropping its crate
sv_chopper_drop_leave_time How long the chopper waits after dropping its crate before leaving
sv_chopper_drop_wait_time How long the chopper waits before dropping its crate
sv_chopper_flare_count Number of flares that get dropped with a supply crate
sv_chopper_flare_life Lifetime of flares in seconds
sv_climb_speed Speed when climbing
sv_curelength How long pills keep the player cured
sv_deathnotice Show deathnotices on player kills/deaths
sv_debug_tension Debug tension
sv_default_door_health Default health for breakable doors
sv_difficulty Difficulty mode
sv_drop_ammobox_pct Amount of ammo zombies will drop inside their dropped ammo boxes
sv_duck_speed_frac Fraction of movement speed while ducking
sv_etool_pick_damage_modifier Damage multiplier for e-tool when pick is active.
sv_execmapcfg Autoexec [mapname].cfg on map init.
sv_extinguisher_always_fire Always able to fire an extinguisher
sv_extract_pause Time after getting extracted that a player is frozen.
sv_extract_previewtime Time the extract cam is active.
sv_first_aid_heal_amt Amount of health a first aid kit heals.
sv_flare_gun_explode_damage Damage done by a flare gun explosion
sv_flare_gun_supply_limit Amount of supplies that can be called by a flare gun per round. Set to -1 for infinite.
sv_free_knowedge_duration Time after a zombie spawns that it has free knowledge.
sv_friendly_fire_factor Damage factor of friendly fire.
sv_grenade_blast_radius Blast radius of grenade
sv_hardcore_survival Enables or disables survival hardcore mode
sv_health_display Whether or not to allow health to be displayed
sv_health_station_heal_per_tick Amount healed by health station per second
sv_health_station_health Amount of health that a health station spawns with
sv_health_station_opacity Opacity of unused health station
sv_helmet_scale_dmg Amount damage is scaled for all other weapons hitting the helmet
sv_helmet_scale_rifle_dmg Amount damage is scaled for rifles hitting the helmet
sv_idle_autokick_enabled Enable autokicking idle players.
sv_idle_autokick_time Time a player can be idle before auto kicked from the server.
sv_infect_chance_modifier Modifier for infect chance formula
sv_infection_chance Chance for zombie to infect players per hit.
sv_infectionlength Length of time it takes for infection to kill a target
sv_item_dropforce Force of dropped objects
sv_item_glow Enable item glow
sv_itembox_single_use Whether or not players can only take one item per box
sv_kid_dmg_onehand Damage kid zombie does with one handed attacks
sv_kid_dmg_twohand Damage kid zombie does with two handed attacks
sv_kid_health_fraction Percent of normal zombie maximum health that runners have.
sv_killpenalty Players lose score if they kill their healthy team mates. Set to 0 for PVP scoring.
sv_maglite_melee_factor Factor of melee damage that Maglite does
sv_maphack Enable MapHack. MapHacks are text files used for adding or modifying entities in the map.
sv_maphack_allow_servercommand Allow $console function to execute server commands.
sv_maphack_directory The game will search this directory for [mapname].txt files.
sv_maphack_filename If not empty load this file for MapHack.
sv_max_charge_length Maximum time attacks can be charged
sv_max_runner_chance Maximum chance of a runner zombie spawning
sv_max_separation_force Player avoidance force tries to steer away clients from players and objects that might interpenetrate
sv_max_stamina Maximum stamina
sv_max_unragdoll_dist Maximum distance players can be for a zombie to unragdoll
sv_melee_damage_base Melee weapon base damage
sv_melee_damage_head Melee weapon head damage
sv_melee_dmg_per_sec Multiple of base melee damage to do per second of charge
sv_melee_force_scale How much to scale force of melee hits by
sv_melee_require_stamina Require enough stamina for melee swing
sv_molotov_burn_damage Molotov burn damage
sv_molotov_burn_freq Molotov burn (damage) frequency in seconds
sv_molotov_damage_duration Time in seconds that molotov damage radius lasts after explosion
sv_molotov_damage_radius Radius of damage for molotov explosion
sv_molotov_explode_damage Damage done by molotov on explosion
sv_music_ap_change_delay_time How long until pursuit / attack music state can change
sv_music_change_delay_time How long until music state can change
sv_music_pursuit_zombie_count Number of zombies that must be around the player to trigger the Pursuit music state
sv_music_tension_1_zombie_count Number of zombies that must be around the player to trigger the Tension 1 music state
sv_music_tension_2_zombie_count Number of zombies that must be around the player to trigger the Tension 2 music state
sv_neutral_player_name Display player name tags in neutral color
sv_nextlevel_on_round_win On round win condition change level to next map instead of resetting.
sv_ng_zombie_chance Chance of a zombie being an NG zombie
sv_no_stam_viewmodel_drop Units the viewmodel drops when not enough stamina for shoving / quick attacking
sv_noinvlimit Disable inventory weight limit. (Also removes speed reduction)
sv_objective_glow Enable objective boundary glow
sv_observer_health_display Whether or not to allow health counters to be displayed for observers / spectators
sv_player_fatal_fall_speed Fatal fall speed
sv_player_max_safe_fall_speed Maximum safe fall speed
sv_postinfection_zombietime Time after death until an infected zombie is spawned
sv_postround_time Time after round win/loss before reset.
sv_practice_mode Practice mode.
sv_practice_transtime Transition time for ending practice mode.
sv_preround_freezetime Freeze time before each round.
sv_progress_use_max_angle_change Maximum angle change allowed when using a trigger_progress_use before player is kicked off.
sv_quickattack_limit Time for mouse to be held down and still considered quick attack.
sv_random_spawner_ang_vel Angular velocity for randomly spawned weapons
sv_random_spawner_vel Velocity for randomly spawned weapons
sv_rare_tool_chance Chance for item boxes to spawn rare tools (flare gun, extinguisher, welder)
sv_rare_weapon_chance Chance for item boxes to spawn rare weapons (chainsaw)
sv_realism Enables/disables realism mode. Headshots will be instant kills and all other areas of the body will take no damage.
sv_realism_allow_respawn Allow respawns in realism mode.
sv_respawn_allowed Whether or not to allow respawning after death
sv_respawn_ammo_pct The percentage of the clip that comes with respawn starting guns.
sv_respawn_initial_token_count_objective Respawn token initial count in objective mode
sv_respawn_initial_token_count_survival Respawn token initial count in survival mode
sv_respawn_kills_per_token_objective Kills per token in objective mode
sv_respawn_kills_per_token_survival Kills per token in survival mode
sv_respawn_nearby_allowed Whether or not to allow spawning near other players
sv_respawn_nearby_max_distance Maximum distance to spawn near other players when doing nearby spawning
sv_respawn_nearby_min_distance Closest distance to spawn near other players when doing nearby spawning
sv_respawn_nearby_tries_per_player Number of times to try finding a nearby spawn per other player when doing nearby spawning
sv_respawn_time_notoken Time until a dead player respawns without a token
sv_respawn_time_token Time until a dead player respawns with a token
sv_respawn_token_objective Are respawn tokes enabled in objective mode
sv_respawn_token_survival Are respawn tokes enabled in survival mode
sv_respawn_with_weapon Should players spawn with a weapon
sv_respawn_without_tokens Allow players to respawn without tokens
sv_restrict_host_timescale Disallow changing host_timescale
sv_resupplytime Length of resupply wave in seconds
sv_roundlag_time Wait time between rounds.
sv_runner_dmg_onehand Damage runner zombie does with one handed attacks
sv_runner_dmg_twohand Damage runner zombie does with two handed attacks
sv_runner_health_fraction Percent of normal zombie maximum health that runners have.
sv_safezone_counter_per_player_sec Amount of HP drain each player counters per second.
sv_safezone_drain_per_zombie_per_sec Amount of HP safe zones lose per second per zombie occupying.
sv_safezone_empty_drain_per_sec Amount of HP safe zones lose per second with no players.
sv_safezone_empty_drain_time Time a safe zone is empty before it starts draining
sv_safezone_heal_amt Amount safe zone heals at once
sv_safezone_health Maximum HP of safe zones.
sv_safezone_max_drain_per_sec Maximum amount of HP safe zones can lose per second from zombie occupancy.
sv_safezone_reactivate_health Amount of HP safe zones reactivate with.
sv_server_spawn_buffer Time buffer of players joining that they could spawn
sv_sharp_charged_pushback_chance Chance of a sharp weapon to push back a zombie on a charged attack
sv_sharp_pushback_chance Chance of a sharp weapon to push back a zombie
sv_shove_cost Stamina cost of shove
sv_shove_delay Time delay between shoves in seconds
sv_showimpacts Shows client (red) and server (blue) bullet impact point
sv_skillshot_activate_time Time a player must be idle before skillshot mode activates
sv_skillshot_damage_modifier Damage modifier while in skillshot mode
sv_skillshot_stagger_chance Chance to add a stagger effect to shots while in skillshot mode
sv_sks_melee_headshot_multiplier Max Multiplier on SKS melee damage
sv_sks_melee_multiplier_max Max Multiplier on SKS melee damage
sv_sks_melee_multiplier_min Min Multiplier on SKS melee damage
sv_sks_shove_delay Time delay between shoves for SKS only in seconds
sv_sniper_zoom FoV zoom for sniper rifles
sv_spawn_density Multiplier For Zombie Spawn Zones without specific maximums
sv_spawn_grace Spawn grace time
sv_spawn_grace_objectivecount Number of objectives completed after which players cannot respawn.
sv_spawn_grace_wave_percent Spawn grace time wave percent
sv_spawn_regen_target By default dead zombies will be replaced to maintain this factor of total live zombies for a brush over two minutes time.
sv_spawn_z_buffer Vertical distance buffer when spawning players
sv_sprint_penalty Initial stamina penalty when sprinting.
sv_stam_drainrate Amount of stamina drained per second while running
sv_stam_empty_shove_penalty Delay in seconds to add to the time between shoves when completely out of stamina.
sv_stam_jumpcost Stamina cost for a jump
sv_stam_min_move_pct Fraction of movement speed when zero stamina
sv_stam_min_sprint_pct Fraction of sprinting speed when zero stamina
sv_stam_regen_crouch Stamina regained per second while crouched
sv_stam_regen_idle Stamina regained per second while idle
sv_stam_regen_moving Stamina regained per second while moving
sv_stam_regen_sprint Stamina regained per second while sprinting
sv_suicide_black_time Time a players screen is black after suiciding.
sv_suicide_dsp DSP for players contemplating suicide
sv_suicide_pushforce Suicide ragdoll push force
sv_supply_use_time Time a supply station must be used before a piece is given.
sv_tension_think_period How often the tension manager thinks
sv_tension_zombie_attack_range Distance at which zombies are considered to be attacking the player
sv_tension_zombie_range Distance at which zombies can be added to tension
sv_tension_zombie_vis_range Distance at which zombies will be checked for visibility
sv_throw_dmg_min_velocity Minimum velocity for a thrown weapon to do damage
sv_throw_stagger_chance Chance to stagger on throw hit
sv_tnt_blast_radius Blast radius of TNT
sv_tnt_explode_shake_amplitude Amplitude of screen shake from TNT explosion
sv_tnt_explode_shake_duration Duration of screen shake from TNT explosion
sv_tnt_explode_shake_frequency Frequency of screen shake from TNT explosion
sv_tnt_explode_shake_radius Radius of screen shake from TNT explosion
sv_unlag_npcs Perform lag compensation on NPCs (EXPERIMENTAL)
sv_use_max_reach Maximum reach of +USE after combining range and radial searches
sv_use_range Range of initial +USE trace
sv_use_secondary_radius Radius of secondary +USE search if initial trace fails
sv_vaccine_partial_blind_chance Chance of vaccine causing partial blindness
sv_vaccine_partial_blind_duration Length (in seconds) of partial blindness effects
sv_voice_cooldown Voice command cooldown (seconds).
sv_vote_allow_dead_call_vote Can players call votes when dead (does not affect nextlevel)
sv_vote_allow_restart_game_skip Can players skip waiting phase by voting for round restart?
sv_vote_issue_changechallenge_allowed Can players call votes to change challenge? (speedrun mode only)
sv_vote_issue_changelevel_allowed Can players call votes to change level?
sv_vote_issue_kick_allowed Can players call votes to kick players from the server?
sv_vote_issue_nextlevel_allowed Can players call votes to change next level?
sv_vote_issue_restart_game_allowed Can players call votes to restart the round?
sv_vote_kick_ban_duration Vote kick ban duration in minutes (0 = disable)
sv_wave_begin_grace Time before wave system begins
sv_wave_cooldown Cooldown time between waves
sv_wave_cycle Length of wave cycles for zombie spawning
sv_wave_heal_amount Heal amount on new wave
sv_wave_max Maximum wave number
sv_wave_remove_inflictions Remove inflictions on new wave
sv_wave_reset_tokens Reset tokens on new wave
sv_wave_skip_count Number of zombies left at which the wave skip timer kicks in
sv_wave_skip_time Time after which no zombies are killed that the wave system skips to the next wave
sv_wave_spawn_delay Time at the start of each wave before the first zombies are spawned
sv_wave_spawn_per_think Number of zombies spawned per think (when spawning)
sv_wave_spawn_think_rate How often the wave controller thinks when spawning
sv_weapon_dropforce Force of dropped weapons
sv_weapon_throwforce Force of thrown weapons
sv_zippo_equip_delay Time in seconds that player has to hold IN_MAGLITE before equipping zippo
sv_zippo_extinguish_time Time until a zippo extinguishes
sv_zippo_light_chance Chance for zippo to be lit on a strike
sv_zippo_radius Radius the zippo lights up
sv_zombie_ambush_dist Distance for a zombie to consider ambushing a player
sv_zombie_base_pitch_max Maximum base pitch for zombie noises
sv_zombie_base_pitch_min Minimum base pitch for zombie noises
sv_zombie_bullet_dmg_scale Zombies take this factor of bullet damage
sv_zombie_burn_time If ignited zombies burn for this long
sv_zombie_burn_time_noise If ignited zombies burn for burn_time give or take this much
sv_zombie_change_max Maximum time for zombie sound pitch to change
sv_zombie_change_min Minimum time for zombie sound pitch to change
sv_zombie_charge_reset_tol Distance for player to move from LKP for zombie to consider moved
sv_zombie_collision_enabled Whether or not zombie collision is enabled.
sv_zombie_collision_group_count Number of collision groups for zombies to use
sv_zombie_crawler_health Crawler zombie maximum health
sv_zombie_death_ragdoll_chance Chance that a zombie will ragdoll instead of dying if not killed by headshot
sv_zombie_death_ragdoll_health_pct Percent of health a zombie ragdolling from non-headshot death the zombie will pop back up with.
sv_zombie_death_ragdoll_length Number of seconds a zombie will stay ragdolled after dying by non headshot
sv_zombie_decay_max Maximum zombie grunt sound decay time
sv_zombie_decay_min Minimum zombie grunt sound decay time
sv_zombie_dmg_onehand Damage zombie does with one handed attacks
sv_zombie_dmg_twohand Damage zombie does with two handed attacks
sv_zombie_door_dmg Damage zombies do to doors per hit.
sv_zombie_farthest_phys_obj Zombies only consider swatting objects this close to them
sv_zombie_fire_size Size of a zombie fire.
sv_zombie_flinch_delay Zombies ignore damage this many seconds after flinching
sv_zombie_grab_cooldown How often zombies will try to grab the same player.
sv_zombie_grease_chance Chance that a zombie will switch collision groups after sv_zombie_grease_fails navigation failures.
sv_zombie_grease_fails Number of failures before zombies have chance at switching collision group
sv_zombie_hate_everyone Zombies go crazy and will attack anything that moves
sv_zombie_health Zombie maximum health
sv_zombie_heavy_dmg_threshold Minimum damage for zombie to consider heavy
sv_zombie_max_physobj_mass Heaviest a physics object can be for a zombie to swat
sv_zombie_moan_freq How many zombies can moan at one time
sv_zombie_nav_debug Enable zombie nav debugging.
sv_zombie_nav_radius Change zombie targetting radius (turbo de-conga-line-ation system).
sv_zombie_physobj_movetodist How close to a physics object zombies try to get before swatting them
sv_zombie_physobj_swatdist How close to a physics object zombies get before swatting them
sv_zombie_player_max_swatdist Zombies will not swat physics objects at players farther away than this
sv_zombie_reach Zombie attack range / reach distance
sv_zombie_shambler_crawler_chance Chance for shamblers to spawn as crawlers
sv_zombie_sound_decay_time Zombies lose interest in sounds after this long
sv_zombie_sound_react_max Maximum number of zombies that can react to a sound at once
sv_zombie_sound_react_time How often the sound reaction count is reset
sv_zombie_spawn_ragdoll_chance Chance that a zombie will ragdoll instead of spawning
sv_zombie_squash_mass Minimum mass that will squish a zombie
sv_zombie_step_freq How many footstep sounds to play at once
sv_zombie_swat_delay How long between zombie physics swat attacks
sv_zombie_torso_health Factor of maximum health that zombie torsos start with
sv_zombie_unragdoll_think_freq Frequency of a zombies unragdoll think
test_register_output_callback Usage: test_register_output_callback [entity targetname]
unfreezeallnpcs Unfreeze all NPCs.
unfreezeallplayers Unfreeze all players.
vpk_dump_files_list Spews all filenames from selected VPK to console.
vpk_valid Check VPK for Workshop validity.
workshop_download Download a Workshop map and add it to the list.
workshop_download_collection Download all Workshop maps in a collection and add them to the list.
workshop_publisher Open Workshop Publisher.
workshop_validate Validate all Workshop items and redownload them if missing.
zomb_ragdoll Toggle ragdoll on zombie
zomb_squirt Squirt all the things!
zomb_squirt_all Squirt ALL the things!