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This mod for Left 4 Dead 2 is currently in alpha development.

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Late Britain is a campaign by Spoon God, which brings a British environment into Left 4 Dead 2.

Unlike the American cultures experienced in Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2, England has very strict gun laws and as of such barely any are owned. Because of this, the first part will be played with 'Tier 0' weapons - melee weapons and pistols. Weapons will be obtained in later levels by signalling a passing cargo plane to air-drop a weapons crate.


  • Campaign set in Great Britain
  • 'Tier 0' weapons at start
  • School level with weapon crate airdrop mini-finale
  • "Non-standard" finale
  • Full Versus mode compliance


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The poster for Late Britain


The campaign was started in late October, 2011.

One minor aesthetic issue is that VALVe's vehicle models have the steering wheel on the left-hand side, whereas British cars' steering wheels are located on the right.


The campaign was started by Spoon God as a solo project, however, any offers to help will be appreciated.


  • Someone who can simply mirror the L4D2 car models so the steering wheels are on the right, not the left
  • A few more testers


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