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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.

Kamidex is a modifcation built around the Source Engine. The development team of Kamidex are expecting to get their mod released to the public within the first half of 2007. Kamidex is currently a singleplayer mod, however there has been speculation that suggests it could be released with a multiplayer section.

On 20th November 2006, the team announced that the game was now fully playable up until level 3.

The Storyline

"The commanders of your planet notice some abnormal teleportation readings coming from earth. A crew is sent out to investigate, with you being one of them. Orbiting at a safe altitude from the earth, you watch the war between humanity and the combine. But then something terrible happens. Your entire squad looses control of their craft, and get pulled into the Earth's atmosphere by an invisible force. The light blinds you, and there's a crash. The next thing you know, you're in the middle of an abandoned building on the outskirts of 'City 11'.

Who is responsible for bringing you onto the planet? There are a lot of questions remaining unanswered, but as you struggle to find a resolution you have to battle your way through packs of Antlions, Alien-Human Hybrid Zombies, the combine, and the normal refugees of the city. You're causing panic, nobody can trust you - you can trust no one. You also have the aid of your alien weapons technology, as well as having to make use of your surroundings."


- Kamidex has been praised by the public for having such a unique storyline for a single player modification. It has also been said that the mod might not need to have all the content that more graphically "expensive" mods have.

- Kamidex has also been featured on Half Life 2 Spain, and HLPortal.de.

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