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Iron Sight: Source is a work-in-progress PvP and RolePlay-oriented morpg-styled mod. The player is set in a not so far future where a war is waging to control a self-productive island called "Island Metropolis".


A lot of questions appeared in my head when I started to think about this mod. While a lot of Half-life 2 mods are meant to be round-based game, I wanted to do something different. I also worked on a pen-and-paper rpg at high school with the simple name of "Iron Sight".

When I started working on the mod, I had to answer two questions: "What thing will push players to stay in the game?" and "What is the reward of doing PvP in the game?". Both questions were answered with one sentence: "Gaining advantage."

The core of the game is to fight the enemy faction. If you are Phoenix, you must fight the Iron Sights. If you are Iron Sight, you must fight the Phoenix. Each factions have their own base and outpost that have great stuff in. For example: I just finished the base design of the first Phoenix base. The main building have two floors. On the second floor, there are ammo crates that might help you to fight whoever you are currently fighting. So when the Iron Sight attack this base, it is not just to rack up kills and cash... They are attacking the base to take this precious advantage wich are the ammo crates.

Another interesting faction that will be added are the Civilians. This faction is not meant to fight. The Civilians were created to craft and sell equipement. Warehouses will be spread in the world and will contain crafting ressources. With these ressources, Civilian will be able to craft thing such as weapon, ammo, healing items, etc. Iron Sight or Phoenix will need to count into the Civilians to make stuff for them... or the civilians can just set up a shop and sell their items for credits (The in-game cash). Hostage situation might be something that will happen.

The mod is aimed to be a realistic shooter. The only HUD elements will be the Credit counter and the crosshair (for now). Weapons are made to look and feel like their real version.

Planned or Added features

Here is a list of planned features (already added features are marked with a (ADDED) sign.

- Cash system (ADDED)

- Almost no HUD (ADDED)

- Civilian faction

- Crafting

- Local Voice Chat and Written Chat

- Custom Model made for the mod (Weapons are currently taken off the internet :( I'm not feeling good with this)

Help Wanted

Iron Sight Team is currently made of 5 members but only 2 of them are very active (Me and the 2d Artist). The main reason is School (The coder perfecting his knowledge of C++).

-We are currently looking for a modeler for weapons and characters.

-We are currently looking for a coder for... well... coding!

If you are interested in the project, please drop a message at my Steam Account (theonlycamper). -Jelemonde