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<Half-Life> info_player_start is a point entity available in all GoldSource games.

Entity description

An info_player_start is used to define where the player will spawn in a map in single player. Only one info_player_start can be used in a level. If more than one exists, the one placed first will be used. Unlike most point entities used for spawning, the info_player_start is not affected by gravity, meaning if the entity is placed mid-air in the editor it will be placed mid-air in the map, resulting in the player spawning and falling from it.

Key Values


Pitch Yaw Roll (Y Z X) (angles) <angle>
This entity's orientation in the world. Pitch is rotation around the Y axis, yaw is the rotation around the Z axis, roll is the rotation around the X axis.


  • 2048 : Not in Deathmatch

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