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This mod for Goldsource has been released! Download it now.

  • Current Released Version: v1.2.1 Windows And Linux HLDS
  • Upcoming Release: Unknown


The official server is now visible in the server browser. See official webpage for details.


Half-Life Household DEATH!© is a semi-comical, b-movie horrorish deathmatch mod. All of the featured weapons are items that you can find in your own home, or your neighbors, some with slight deadlier modifications!

Initially the mod has been just deathmatch, we'd planned on two other modes of gameplay, but now that HL2 is out, only time will tell for a sequel!


  • Rune's: Haste, Double Damage, Protection, Homing Weapons, Infinite Ammo, Vampire, SLASHER! and STALKER!
  • Householdish Weapons! including some crafty new creations!
  • Fun, psychotic, Deathmatchy Fun!



Household DEATH! was originally conceived back in 2000, just before the version 2.0 HL1 SDK, it consisted of the Soda Launcher, and a retarded BOT, and was quickly shelved! Sometime in 2003, I (omega), decided to revive the project with all of the knowledge I'd gathered since then, assembled my motley crew, and here it is. After well over a year's Hiatus, I decided to get the content finished up for a final 1.2 version, which will has now FINALLY been released!


  • Tony "omega" Sergi - Programming, Conception, Design, Whatever.
  • Dorian "DD" Gorski - Mapping, Modeling, Artistry, Design
  • Ildegardis "Deimos" Briceno - Modeling, Artistry
  • Daniel "Ewok" Carvalho - Mapping
  • PRO_Pain - Mapping
  • L3fty - the lego blower skin

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