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January 2024
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Hostile Intent (HI) is a mod for the popular PC game Half-Life. Unlike games like CS, Hostile Intent stresses teamwork, communication, and realism over a run and gun playstyle.

Taken from the Steam Store description of Hostile Intent: "Hostile Intent for all intents and purposes is the thinking man's First Person Shooter. In Hostile Intent the player has to use cover wisely, conserve his ammo, work well with his teammates, use communication effectively, keep the mission at the forefront of his mind and especially keep his cool under fire."

Key features

  • Iron sight aiming system.
  • No shooting from the hip.
  • No death notification.
  • Realistic damages.
  • Realistic weapons.
  • No weapon purchases.
  • NATO vs. Tango forces.
  • Slow, intense, round-based gameplay.
  • Very realistic bullet penetration.
  • Realistic maps.
  • No HUD.


  • Tango
    • Primary weapons
      • Ingram MAC-11
      • Suppressed Ingram MAC-11
      • Izhmash AK-47
      • Izhmash AKS-74u
      • Remington 1100 shotgun
      • Zastava M76 sniper rifle
      • SIG 500
      • M14
      • Bizon
      • Suppressed Bizon
    • Secondary Weapons and Equipment (one pistol, 2 slots for equipment)
      • Glock 17
      • Colt 1911
      • Makarov PM
      • 1 Fragmentation grenade (Soviet RDG-5)
      • 2 XM-84 flashbangs
      • AN/PVS-7 NOD (Night Observation Device)
      • Spare primary and secondary weapon magazines
  • NATO
    • Primary weapons
      • H&K MP5A5
      • H&K MP5SD5
      • Colt Firearms M16A2
      • Colt Firearms M4A1
      • FAMAS G1
      • Franchi SPAS-12 automatic shotgun
      • H&K PSG1
      • M14
      • FN P90
      • Suppressed FN P90
    • Secondary Weapons and Equipment (one pistol, 2 slots for equipment)
      • Beretta Cougar
      • H&K USP
      • Colt 1911
      • 1 Fragmentation grenade (United States M-67)
      • 2 XM-84 flashbangs
      • AN/PVS-7 NOD (Night Observation Device)
      • Spare primary or secondary weapon magazines

Official maps

Every map in Hostile Intent is made to reflect a real area and conflict. Maps take place across a variety of places, anywhere from an windy Oil rig (hi_offshore) or a British Submarine (hi_majesty), to a muggy jungle (hi_jungle) and a five star hotel (hi_hotel).

  • hi_alandalus
  • hi_aurora
  • hi_basque
  • hi_colombia
  • hi_congo
  • hi_croatia
  • hi_deadbolt1
  • hi_deadbolt2
  • hi_depot
  • hi_downed
  • hi_efreeti
  • hi_hotel
  • hi_jungle
  • hi_khartoum
  • hi_kosovo
  • hi_majesty
  • hi_offshore
  • hi_russia
  • hi_twilight
  • hi_tuulo
  • hi_pressure
  • hi_bunker

Typical game

A typical game starts with you entering the server and picking your team. You can choose to be a member of NATO or Tango forces. After choosing your team, you choose your weapons. You can choose one primary weapon, one secondary, and 2 equipment items. For example, you can pick a fragmentation grenade for both slots and have 2 fragmentation grenades, or pick flash bangs for both slots to get 4 flash bangs, or any combination. There is no money; both teams select their weapons and are issued them at the start of every round.

After choosing all of your equipment, you spawn into the game (provided that the round has just started or you're the first in the server). As a NATO member, you are usually assaulting, whereas Tangos are usually on defense. Advance to your objective (either to defend it or to assault and complete it). Should you come into contact with the enemy, you'll need to right click to bring the iron sights up before you can fire (realism is important in this mod) as you cannot fire without sights. In fact, there are no crosshairs in this game unless you've got a sniper rifle. You can fire from the standing, crouched, and prone positions, listed in order of least to greatest accuracy. Should you successfully neutralize the enemy, there's a key to report that fact over the radio, as death notifications have been removed. Also removed is the number of kills made from the scoreboard. HI is, first and foremost, a team game, and as such the only score is the team score.

Note.pngNote:A word on the game speed; Hostile Intent plays slowly, it's more like chess than football.

Camping is encouraged as being highly tactical, especially when defending someone capturing an objective.


Currently the team is working to recreate Hostile Intent on the Source engine under the name Hostile Intent: Phoenix Rising.


Hostile Intent has a thriving and dedicated online community at its online forums and #hostileintent on gamesurge's IRC network. A lot of the community has been around since the beginning of the HI project, across 3 forum wipes, 2 server hosts, and about 4 years of stop-and-start development. The developers constantly post in the forums and request feedback and bug reports, if what they're working on isn't a secret.

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