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This SP mod for Half-Life has been released! Download it now.

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Halfquake Sunrise is the third part of the Halfquake series, the successor to Halfquake Amen, released in 2002. Yet again the player takes on the role of a victim, whose sole purpose is to entertain an invisible audience - by suffering and dying!


  • Over 50 new challenging traps.
  • Claustrophobic black and white environment.
  • Voice-acting.
  • Exclusively produced soundtrack.
  • Roughly five hours of single-player experience (depending on your skill).



Development began as early as 2004 and was quickly cancelled again, after realizing that it was too similar to its predecessor, Halfquake Amen. Two more false starts later, in September 2007 the development began anew, and it took almost three years to finish it.


Mainly muddasheep has worked on Halfquake Sunrise, with help from friends.

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