Half Life 2: Dark Matter

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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.


This mod is now officially dead. Sorry. If an admin or someone could delete this page so I don't get told off for vandalism, go ahead. Sorry again.

A mod of the source engine where you play as David Mason (his name might change), a scientist for Black Mesa who experiences the side effects of the Xen incident elsewhere in the Facility and the repurcussions it has elsewhere.


  • At the moment there is only me working on this mod as mapper. If anyone else wants to get on board please feel free to let me know. User:Goliath

Media (Screenshots)

Black Mesa Shortly after the Disaster.
Radiation chambers and work hazards around Black Mesa.
The Black Mesa tram system.


None of this Either


Currently Me. I am looking for anyone willing to help, but later as I would like to organise a few things first before I began the actual process of managing a team or whatever. Watch This Space.