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Half Life Role Play is an unofficial mod for the Half-Life 2. Playing, you can feel all the charm of role-playing game Half Life. Starting with an ordinary citizen, you can move forward - to be metropolice, combine soldier, in the worst case - a stalker. The game has economic system. You can make money on the usual work or settle in the organization. You can also become a rebel and fight with Combines. The game also has realistic elements - hunger, turning into a zombie, and disease. Chat Now - realistic dialogue. Your remarks will be heard at some distance, well and you can shout or whisper. With us you never get bored!


  • Role-Playing mode
  • Simulation
  • Fractions (like Rebels, Civil Protection etc.)
  • All famous locations in one map
  • One united server that can contain lot of players
  • Economic system
  • Site with user control panel
  • In-game browser for UCP and forum

It is only main features


coming soon...

On Steam

HLRP on Steam Greenlight