Half-Life 2: Regret

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Half-Life 2: Regret is a Source adaptation of the 90s shooter game Crusader: No Regret. It attempts to recreate as accurately as possible the map design, weapons, props and gameplay of the original game while converting it from isometric projection to a 3D FPS. Development of the mod started in December, 2006 and is ongoing.


  • Based on the Half-Life 2: Episode One version of the Source engine.
  • Recreates Servomechs
  • Recreates weapons
  • Recreates Spider Bombs
  • Recreates security cameras and levelwide alarms
  • Duplicates level design and gameplay
  • Utilizes modern Source features such as bump mapping and VGUI
  • Community powered. Mod content completely created for free, to be distributed for free. Will most likely be open source. Props and documentation will be released as a pack to enable people to create their own Crusader-themed maps for the mod.


Jupix's brainchild, the mod does not have a development team per se. It is powered by community-generated content. That means anyone can contribute any amount of content, in any department, and as each development milestone is approaching, I (Jupix) will put all this content together into a release. A few volunteers oversee and organize development in their departments of choice (modeling, texturing, coding and mapping), and report to me.

At the moment, the most fundamental development obstacle is modelling the original game props into Source-compatible models, complete with texturing and physics. With these we can map out the original levels and have a Crusader world to interact with and shape into a game. For more detailed and current info on how the mod is coming along, check out the roadmap at our forums.

We are always looking for contributors, and always hungry for more content. If you want to contribute, please get modeling, texturing, coding or mapping, and post all results at these forums. The more people we have, the faster we will get to play a real Crusader FPS!

Regret will attempt to be completely free and open source. All textures, models and source code will be freely available and there will be an SDK with which to create additional content for the mod.

The first release, Half-Life 2: Regret Demo, internally designated Alpha 1.0, will showcase the gameplay of the game with the first level and some of the basic features implemented. The goals for Alpha 1 are as follows:

  • Mapping: level 1 with textures, sounds & props
  • Weapons: definitely RP-32, maybe SG-A1
  • Inventory: energy storage, maybe data link
  • Garnish: HUD, menus


  • Dec 2006: Mod development commences.
  • Feb 2007: This page created.
  • Oct 2007: Jupix contacted by Echo Sector representative. Community content starts pouring in.
  • Jan 2008: Jupix leaves for half-year hiatus while Echo Sector people take over mod management.
  • Sep 2008: Jupix reassumes role as project lead. Development roadmap is laid out.
  • Oct 2008: Development file repository is released.