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If you find any bugs, please edit this page with a description of the problem.

A helpful bug format is:
===short title===

  • Expected: expected behavior
  • Observed: observed behavior
  • Steps to reproduce: steps to reproduce the problem
  • a description of your network topology, if appropriate
  • Use ~~~~ to insert your username and time

Please use the correct section when reporting your issues.

Although this page is long, please do try to see if your issue has been previously reported using your browser's Find or Search function.

Bugs and changes introduced with the optional March 10 2010 HLDS update (build date March 8 2010).


sv_region / master server list

Servers only appear in the master server list if sv_region is set to 255. [1]


"CS 1.6 Dedicated Server dont appear in LAN" [2]


Segmentation faults

There are several reports about segmentation faults, not sure if all of these are due to SSE2.

Other changes

SSE2 required

The SSE2 instruction set is now required, some old CPUs may no longer be able to run the HLDS.

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