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This SP mod for Episode Two is no longer being developed.

A screenshot of a storage area in Holywood.
A screenshot of a corridor leading to one of the main areas in Holywood.
A screenshot of the beginning chapter in Holywood.
A screenshot of the ventilation shafts in Holywood(W.I.P).


19/8/08 - Holywood Demo is being released later today. New screenshots will be posted also.

13/8/08 - New screenshots have been taken, and we are currently creating our ModDB account.

Last update on ModDB was four years ago, so the mod is presumed dead.


Genetics (formerly known as Holywood) was a Half-Life 2: Episode Two modification being developed by Scott Baker (Sythen).

You take the role of Gordon Freeman, who finds himself inside a facility known only as "Holywood". According to Scientists that worked inside the facility, a specimen that they were keeping contained in a storage area had broken loose and made it's way through the ventilation shafts, attacking all civilian and Holywood personnel. You must make your way through the facility, eliminating any signs of infected people or creatures. And save the people that you can.

This modification has been dedicated to Alice Williams, a friend of mine that passed away a few months ago... As a result my aim was to create a horror game that both I and Alice would be extremely proud of...


  • A brand new storyline, consisting of only Half-Life 2, Episode One, and Episode Two content.
  • A game that will never leave you without a fright,
  • Various different characters (Alyx, Kleiner etc..) from Half-Life 2 that have come back to help you work out what went wrong in the facility.

Development Members

Sythen - Sythen has been doing level editing for various games such as Half-Life 2, Doom 3 and Unreal Tournament 3 for the last two years, but even though he's been mapping for a long time, he has always used his mapping as a learning experience. This is the first time he has released any maps he has created.

Shane Murphy - Long time 3Ds Max user, decides to do a voice over. He plays "John Hunter" the main role of the player in Holywood. Shane has helped me throughout the mapping and gameplay design of Holywood, as much as I've tried to help him in return, and for that, I thank you Shane. :)

Martin Collins - Also known as MartinCo from 3DBuzz IRC. An extremely nice person who helped us near the end of the release of the demo, as we needed a voice. He plays "Michel Jones" a character seen at the beginning of Holywood. Michel is a civilian ordered by the security to give the H.E.V suit to anyone who looks like they can "kick ass!"

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