French localization bugs/bug template

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<Application, build number/date>

<Functional Area, such as Steam Settings>

<general notes>

Bug <id/number>
  • Screen(s): <Provide links to annotated screenshoots, like Image:Steam FR backup 001.jpg>
  • Bug type: <Provide a brief description>
  • Bug description: <Provide the full description of the bug. Use italics or another format to mark the quoted strings.>
  • Incorrect text: <Provide the incorrect string only. Use n/a if not applicable.>
  • Correct text: <Provide the correct string only. Use n/a if not applicable.>
  • Fix: <Indicate which files should be updated, what part of the layout should be fixed, etc.>
  • Alternate fix: <Describes alternate solution>
  • Potential issues: <Indicate what should be checked during and after the fixing of the bug.>
  • Status: <The successive entries should be dated and the person changing them identified.>
  • outstanding (logged, waiting for fix)
  • in work (acknowledged by dev, being worked on)
  • fixed by dev
  • regressed by QA (being checked by QA)
  • fixed and closed (successfully regressed as fixed in updated build)
  • not fixed and reopened (the fix was incorrectly applied or not applied)
  • postponed (the fix will be done at a later stage)
  • not a bug
  • Queries: <Indicate here all requests for aditional info, clarifications. Please use bullets, user IDs and dates.>