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January 2024


Version 0.791 August-07-2018 Updated by RoboCop

- Removed unwanted tchar.h dependancies that are no longer required - Thanks to Globoss

- Linux build should now work for Assault and Capture Point maps due to syntax error fixed - Thanks to Globoss

- Fixed Write Strings and compile time for version.cpp that fails on GCC 6+

- Fixed extdll.h that appears to fail to compile on GCC 6+ for #ifndef min and max

- Added optimisation for faster float point for Win32 build

- Linux build optimised for floating-point arithmetic and tuned for newer arch

- bot_job_think.cpp should be fairly adjusted for the bots to choose their paths and tasks wisely

- h_export.cpp Linux 'h_Library' can now detect both old and new TFC server build ( or

- Added teleport waypoints for baconbowl_r, chimkey_l and siege

- Added more map configs for rats maps, plus turkeyburgers2002, fishburgers and donutburgers to spawn 1 Sniper per 4 teams

- Enhanced the map configs for the Assault & Defend maps, rock2 and flagrun to spawn the recommended bot classes for each team

- Enhanced the hunted waypoints to prevent the Red team and the Hunted wondering back and forth in entrance tunnel

- Added some more defensive waypoints for avanti, casbah, flagrun, chimkey_l and warpath

- Added some important conc/rocket jump waypoints for the stock maps, palermo, ksour, cornfield, baconbowl_r and sandbowl_r2

- Reduced the risk of bots invading enemy spawns for the stock maps, chimkey_l, tf2fort and ksour

- Reduced excessive waypoint and pathwaypoint quantity for rats, rats2 and rats3, rats_cmd, palermo and baconbowl_r

- Removed non recommended waypoints for Dustbowl that includes sentry that are not suitable for defending CP3

- Fixed the waypoint problems for 55, openfire_lowgrens, xpress2k4, destroy_l, phantom, shutdown2, sandbowl_r2 and tf2fort

- Added new waypoints for bases2k3, momentum_l, mortality_l and hellion

Known bugs:-

>> botdontmove, bot_chat, bot_bot_balance and bot_team_balance cvars may not be 100% operational

>> FoxBot appears to crash sometimes on Windows Listenservers

Version 0.79 December-23-2016 Updated by RoboCop

- Renamed Win32 binary 'foxbot.dll' as 'foxbot_mm.dll'

- Both builds recompiled and added some FPU compile flag support for SSE2

- Removed further HLDM and Op4 support

- Fixed the 'check if entity is a Dispenser' coding that was mistyped

- Enhanced the Dustbowl waypoints for preventing blue bots from going backwards

- Enhanced the shutdown2 waypoints for preventing bots from spawn camping

- Enhanced the cornfield waypoints for using detpack and more teleports

- Increased bot priority tasks for allowing Engineers to focus more on building

- Removed ammo waypoints located in Nade Bag locations to reduce bots taking grenades to allow humans to obtain them

- Added some important concjump points for certain stock maps plus for palermo, destroy_l and shutdown2

- Added important FoxBot Map and Class Restriction map configs for TFC for like Sniper only maps and hunted

- Added '' Linux HLDSUpdatetool TFC compatible binary version for legacy support

- Added teleport waypoints for warpath, shutdown2, avanti, schtop, monkey_l, ksour and palermo

- New waypoints for 55, openfire_lowgrens, rats, rats2, rats3, xpress2k4, destroy_l, phantom, rats_cmd and tf2fort

  • baconbowl_r, siege, high_flag, mortality_l, ss_nyx_ectfc, alchimy_l2, bases2k3 and hellion (coming soon!)

>> Known issues - botdontmove and bot_team_balance cvars not operational and experimenting with bot_job_think.cpp for equalising and to balance the bot task priority to act more professional

Version 0.78 August-20-2016 Updated by RoboCop

- Added 'bot_team_balance' external integer for bot.cpp

- Fixed the unwanted 'const' for the bot global variables that fail for Win32 build

- Drop the '_i386' suffix build name for Linux binary version

- Both builds compiled for SteamPipe using HLSDK v2.3p4 and Metamod v1.21-p37 source codes

- Fixed the 'snprint' script that was used for the older FoxBot cpp files

- Removed non-required entities for TFC that were used from the HPB Template

- Removed support for HLDM, CS, FLF and Op4 from HPB Template to focus support for TFC

- Fixed code typo error for 'bot_max_inaccuracy' in bot_combat.cpp

- Linux version optimised as i686 build and fixed Linux binary for TFC SteamPipe Servers

- Both builds optimised for SSE2 code generation

- Fixed '[META] WARNING: Plugin didn't set meta_result: foxbot.dll:engClientCommand()' that appears to be fixed from the newer HLSDK and Metamod kits

- Added a config variable 'botdontmove' to spawn stationary bots for the purpose of minigolf maps

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January 2024