Fix Missing Player Animations

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This article only applies to the latest HL2DM OB SDK (06/15/2009).

By default, the 06/15/2009 Source SDK update includes source code that makes several calls to swimming animations that do not yet exist with the current HL2DM player animations. As a result, whenever water goes up to a player's waist, the models go into their reference pose and glide around.

The Fix

Here's how to fix this issue:


bool CMultiPlayerAnimState::HandleSwimming( Activity &idealActivity )


idealActivity = ACT_MP_SWIM;

idealActivity = ACT_MP_RUN;

Now whenever water goes up to a player's waist, the code will call for the HL2DM run animation, which is a good alternative because it already exists in the current HL2DM player animations and makes the player look as though they are actually swimming and wading though the water.